The Trout (film)

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The Trout
The Trout (film).jpg
Film poster
Directed by Joseph Losey
Produced by Yves Rousset-Rouard
Written by Roger Vailland
Monique Lange
Joseph Losey
Starring Isabelle Huppert
Music by Richard Hartley
Cinematography Henri Alekan
Edited by Marie Castro-Vasquez
Distributed by Gaumont
Release date
  • 22 September 1982 (1982-09-22)
Running time
103 minutes
Country France
Language French

The Trout (French: La Truite) is a 1982 French drama film directed by Joseph Losey based on the novel by Roger Vailland[1] and starring Isabelle Huppert.[2]



The director Joseph Losey makes a brief cameo appearing in the bar scene (approximately 40 minutes into the film).

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