Ladyburn distillery

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Ladyburn Distillery
Region: Lowland
LocationGirvan, Scotland
OwnerWilliam Grant & Sons Ltd.
Water sourcePenwapple Reservoir
No. of stills2 wash, 2 spirit

The Ladyburn distillery was a producer of single malt Scotch whisky that operated between 1966 and 1975.


The Ladyburn distillery was an expansion of the Girvan distillery, itself built in 1963 by William Grant & Sons Ltd. The Ladyburn malt whisky distillery was created in 1966 with the addition of two pot stills. The malt portion of the distillery was closed in 1975 and demolished in 1976.

The independent bottlers Signatory Vintage and Wilson and Morgan have released Ladyburn single malt under the name "Ayrshire", after the council area of Scotland in which Girvan is found.

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Coordinates: 55°15′36.5″N 4°49′52.5″W / 55.260139°N 4.831250°W / 55.260139; -4.831250