Lake Claire (Alberta)

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Lake Claire
Peace-Athabasca Delta.JPG
Peace-Athabasca Delta with Lake Claire, west end of Lake Athabasca and mouths of Peace River (north) and Athabasca River(south)
Location Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta
Coordinates 58°35′N 112°05′W / 58.583°N 112.083°W / 58.583; -112.083Coordinates: 58°35′N 112°05′W / 58.583°N 112.083°W / 58.583; -112.083
Primary inflows Birch River, McIvor River
Primary outflows Peace River
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 59 km (37 mi)
Max. width 45 km (28 mi)
Surface area 1,436 km2 (554 sq mi)[1]
Surface elevation 213 m (699 ft)

Lake Claire is the largest lake which is entirely in Alberta, Canada. It is located entirely in Wood Buffalo National Park, west of Lake Athabasca. It lies between the mouths of Peace River and Athabasca River, and is part of the Peace-Athabasca Delta system.

Location of Lake Claire in Alberta

The lake has a total area of 1,436 km2 (554 sq mi), with 21 km2 (8.1 sq mi) island area, and lies at an elevation of 213 m (699 ft).[1] It is the largest lake located entirely within Albertan boundaries. Lake Athabasca, which straddles the border with Saskatchewan, is larger.

The lake is fed by Birch River and McIvor River, and the lake system also contains Baril Lake and Mamawi Lake. The waters are discharged in the Peace River, finding their way to the Arctic Ocean through the Slave River, Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River.

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