Lambert I, Count of Louvain

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Lambert I
Count of Louvain
Lambert Gerberga.jpg
17th century representation of Lambert I and Gerberga
Titles and styles
The Count of Louvain
Died12 September 1015 (aged 65)
Noble familyHouse of Reginar
Spouse(s)Gerberga of Lower Lorraine
FatherReginar III, Count of Hainaut

Lambert I of Louvain nicknamed "The Bearded" (born in Louvain, Duchy of Lotharingia, East Francia c. 950, died in Florennes, County of Namur, Duchy of Lower Lorraine, Holy Roman Empire on 12 September 1015) was the first Count of Louvain in 1003. He was killed by Godfrey II, Duke of Lower Lorraine in battle for Godfrey's claim of Count of Verdun.

He was the son of Reginar III, Count of Hainaut[1][2] and Adela d' Eguisheim, daughter of Hugh V, Count of Eguisheim.[citation needed] His brother was Reginar IV, Count of Mons. He was the husband of Gerberga of Lower Lorraine,[3] and father of:[4]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gules a fess argent.svg Count of Louvain
Succeeded by
Henry I