List of numbered roads in Lambton County

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This page lists all of the numbered county roads in Lambton County, Ontario

Number Names Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Major Communities Comments
1 Lambton Line St. Clair Parkway Highway 40 Port Lambton, Ontario
2 Bentpath Line St. Clair Parkway CR 79 Sombra, Ontario
4 Hill Street, Petrolia Line St. Clair Parkway CR 79 Corunna, Ontario, Petrolia, Ontario Originally referred to locally as the 10th Line until the 1980s when regional government attempted to simplify local names for roads
5 Greenway Road Highway 21 Ausable River (Middlesex-Lambton County Boundary) Continues as Middlesex CR 5
6 Thomson Line Highway 21 Ausable River (Lambton County/Middlesex County boundary) Thedford, Ontario (1.5 km to the south) Continues as Middlesex CR 7. Section from CR 79 to Ausable River was former Highway 7, turned back in 1998.
7 Christina Street, Lakeshore Road Michigan Avenue Highway 21 Point Edward, Ontario, Sarnia, Ontario, Brights Grove, Ontario, Errol, Ontario
8 Forest Road, Inwood Road, Shetland Road Chatham-Kent CR 22 (Lambton Line, Boundary with Chatham-Kent Interchange with Highway 21 and Highway 402 (Exit 34) Inwood, Ontario
9 Northville Road Intersection with CR 22 and CR 79 CR 79, 3 km northwest of Thedford Thedford, Ontario Has a short concurrency with CR 12
11 Aberarder Line CR 7 Highway 21
12 Townsend Line CR 7 Lambton-Middlesex Boundary (Continues as Middlesex CR 12 Forest, Ontario, Arkona, Ontario
14 Churchill Line Intersection with Highway 40, CR 31, and CR 20 CR 21, 2 km south of Wyoming Sarnia, Ontario, Lucasville, Ontario, Wyoming, Ontario
15 Dawn Mills Road Kent Line (boundary with Chatham-Kent, continues as C-K CR 15) CR 21 in Rutherford Rutherford, Ontario Provides a quick and direct bypass of Dresden, Ontario
16 London Road Vidal Street (southbound) / Brock Street (northbound) Interchange with Highway 40 and CR 22 (Continues as CR 22). Sarnia, Ontario Divided road underneath Highway 40 was original Highway 402 alignment, the "Bluewater Bridge Approach". Formerly part of Highway 7, turned back in 1982
17 Wellington Street Vidal Street North (southbound) / Brock Street (northbound) Highway 40 Sarnia, Ontario
18 Bog Line CR 79 Ausable River (Boundary with Middlesex County, continues as Middlesex CR 18) Port Franks, Ontario
19 Michigan Avenue, Michigan Line CR 29 CR 27 Sarnia, Ontario
20 Plank Road Intersection with Highway 40, CR 31, and CR 14 CR 4 Sarnia, Ontario, Lucasville, Ontario This road travels the same distance north-south as it does east-west. This road is given an east-west trajectory to simplify things. Road was originally constructed in the late 19th century with wooden planks as the main traffic artery between Sarnia and Oil Springs.
21 Oil Heritage Road, Broadway Street, Kent Line (Boundary with Chatham-Kent, Continues as C-K CR 21) Interchange with CR 30 and Highway 402 (Exit 25) Oil Springs, Ontario, Oil City, Ontario, Petrolia, Ontario, Wyoming, Ontario, Reece's Corners, Ontario Formerly southern part of Highway 21, until all parts south of Highway 402 (and its concurrency with that road) were turned back in 1998. Has a small diversion just south of Wyoming. Original alignment is now residential street Canada Drive, and a second diversion south of Oil Springs (North Dawn Road).
22 London Line Interchange with CR 16 and Highway 40 (continues as CR 16) Sexton Road (Middlesex County Boundary) Sarnia, Ontario Formerly Highway 22 and Highway 7 from Highway 40 to Highway 79, now CR 79. Turned back in 1998.
23 Railroad Street, River Street CR 79 CR 80 Alvinston, Ontario
25 Confederation Line CR 8 Intersection of CR 79 and CR 39 Watford, Ontario
26 Mandaumin Road Kent Line (Boundary with Chatham-Kent) CR 7 Brights Grove, Ontario
27 Modeland Road Interchange with Highway 40 and Highway 402 CR 7 Sarnia, Ontario
28 Holt Line St. Clair Parkway Highway 40
29 Indian Road Highway 40 CR 7 Sarnia, Ontario
30 Oil Heritage Road Interchange with CR 21 and Highway 402 (Exit 25) CR 7 Reece's Corners, Ontario
31 Kimball Road Kent Line (Continues into Chatham-Kent as CR 31 Intersection with Highway 40, CR 14, and CR 20 Kimball, Ontario, Lucasville, Ontario, Sarnia, Ontario
33 St. Clair Parkway Whitebread Line (Boundary with Chatham-Kent, continues as C-K CR 33) Intersection with Vidal Street and CR 34 Port Lambton, Ontario, Sombra, Ontario, Courtright, Ontario, Corunna, Ontario, Froomfield, Ontario, Sarnia, Ontario Offers a nice scenic drive from Wallaceburg to Sarnia. Original Highway 40 alignment from May 2, 1934 until it was re-aligned 5 km inland in sections in 1971, 1975, and 1977. Turend back in sections: Sarnia to Sombra in 1979, the section from Sombra to Walpole Island was turned back in 1980, and the final section between Walpole Island and Wallaceburg was turned back in 1984
34 Churchill Line Intersection with Vidal Street and CR 33 Intersection with Highway 40 Sarnia, Ontario Formerly the original alignment of Highway Ontario from May 2, 1934 until 1965, then renumbered as Highway 40B from 1965 to 1993. Minor re-alignment in 1975 when Vidal Street and Brock Street were made one-way streets.
35 La Salle Line St. Clair Parkway Highway 40 Froomfield, Ontario, Sarnia, Ontario
36 Bickford Line St. Clair Parkway Highway 40 Bickford, Ontario
39 Confederation Line Intersection of CR 79 and CR 25 Sexton Road (Boundary with Middlesex County
79 Northville Road, Ravenswood Line, King Street, Main Street, Arkona Road, Egremont Road, Nauvoo Road, Aberfeldy Line, Cairo Road Chatham-Kent CR 22 (Euphemia Line, Boundary with Chatham-Kent, continues as CR 16) Highway 21 south of Port Franks, Ontario Cairo, Ontario, Alvinston, Ontario, Watford, Ontario, Arkona, Ontario, Thedford, Ontario, Port Franks, Ontario Section from CR 22 to Highway 21 was formerly Highway 21 from April 18, 1934 to 1938 (Concurrency with Highway 7. Section from Port Franks, Ontario to Thedford, Ontario was formerly Highway 82 from 1938 to 1981. Rest of the road was former Highway 79 from 1981 to April 1, 1997, then briefly as Highway 7 until that too was downloaded in 1998. Has a small diversion (Old Nauvoo Road)
80 Courtright Line St. Clair Parkway Junction Road (Boundary with Middlesex County) Courtright, Ontario, Brigden, Ontario, Oil City, Ontario, Oil Springs, Ontario (3 km to the south), Inwood, Ontario (2 km to the north), Alvinston, Ontario (1 km to the north) Formerly Highway 80