Landore viaduct

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Landore viaduct

The Landore viaduct is a railway viaduct over the Swansea valley and the River Tawe at Landore in south Wales. It provides a link between Swansea city center and the West Wales Line to the South Wales Main Line. The valley crossing provides a panoramic view of Landore, Kilvey Hill, the Liberty Stadium and the Swansea Enterprise Park.

The viaduct dates as far back as 1850. Originally, it was 536-metre (1,759 ft) long structure designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.[1] The original structure incorporated a diverse range of structural design elements and was constructed in timber. The structure was updated in 1889, using wrought-iron for the central span. In 1978/1979, the rest of the viaduct was re-decked with steel beams.


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Coordinates: 51°38′43″N 3°56′03″W / 51.645304°N 3.934042°W / 51.645304; -3.934042