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Industry Software Consulting
Headquarters Kollaukamp 10, Hamburg - Germany
Area served
Services Open source consultancy and engineering

Lanedo is a professional open source software development consultancy based in Germany. It operates as a European company with limited liability based in Hamburg. The company has been involved with a number of mobile and embedded platforms over the years including Maemo and MeeGo.[1] Their software development has a focus around Linux in general and targeting platforms ranging from mobile and embedded to desktop environments.

The name 'Lanedo' is based on a roughly phonetic sounding of the letters L, N, and D. These are mentioned as Linux, Networking, and Development respectively.[2]


In 2003, Mikael Hallendal and Richard Hult were working together on a project management application called Planner. They founded Imendio.[3][4]

After 5 years, the founders stepped back,[clarification needed] and the business and people continued in a new company called Lanedo founded by Tim Janik and Martyn Russell in early 2009. Mikael and Richard started a new company called TinyBird Interactive AB to work together and focus on OS X application development. As of February 2009 Imendio AB got split into Tinybird Interactive AB and Landeo GmbH.[citation needed]

In 2011, Lanedo joined the Document Foundation TSC (Task Steering Committee)[5] and became much more involved in the future of LibreOffice.

Starting in summer 2012, Lanedo, in cooperation with ITOMIG, supported the town of Munich in the LibreOffice maintenance of the LiMux project.[6] Lanedo is also actively participating[when?] in implementing the OOXML support for LibreOffice.[7]

Projects Lanedo is involved in[edit]

These projects are contributed to[clarification needed] by Lanedians.[8]

Project Description
LibreOffice[9] Free office suite
NetworkManager[10][11] / ModemManager[12] Modem and Network connectivity suite
libqmi[13] Qualcomm's modem protocol library
libmbim[14] Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) library
Tracker[15] Semantic data store, indexer and a search engine
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
GTK+[16] / GLib / GIO / Gvfs Cross platform User Interface toolkit
Gossip XMPP chat client
Giggle[17] GIT source code repository browser
BEAST Music composition and synthesis
Rapicorn[18] User Interface toolkit
GNU PDF[19] PDF file format library
Getting Things GNOME![20] TODO / task based graphical application
WebKit[21] Open Source web browser engine
Linux kernel[22] Operating system kernel used by Linux systems
D-Bus IPC library


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