Lantau North Country Park

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Lantau North Country Park
Ngong Ping 2009.jpg
Nei Lak Shan, a 751-metre-tall mountain located in Lantau North Country Park
Lantau North Country Park is located in Hong Kong
Lantau North Country Park
Location within Hong Kong
TypeCountry park
LocationLantau Island, Hong Kong
Area2,200 ha
Designated18 August 1978; 43 years ago (1978-08-18)
Managed byAgriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Lantau North Country Park (Chinese: 北大嶼郊野公園) is one of two rural parks on Lantau Island, Hong Kong and is located on the north side of the island. The 22-square-kilometre (8.5 sq mi) park was designated in 1978.


Lantau North Country Park was designated on 18 August 1978.[1]

An extension to the park, called Lantau North (Extension) Country Park, was conceived in 1993. In 1999, the government announced an expansion of the country park area on Lantau Island.[2] The extension was officially designated on 7 November 2008.[1]


Highlights of the park include:


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