Soko Islands

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Soko Islands
Soko Islands viewed from Lantau.JPG
View of the Soko Islands from Tian Tan Buddha. The hills in the foreground are part of Lantau Island.
Location Southwest of Lantau Island
Coordinates 22°10′26.0394″N 113°54′39.6″E / 22.173899833°N 113.911000°E / 22.173899833; 113.911000Coordinates: 22°10′26.0394″N 113°54′39.6″E / 22.173899833°N 113.911000°E / 22.173899833; 113.911000
Archipelago Soko Islands
Total islands 11
Major islands Tai A Chau, Siu A Chau
District Islands District
Soko Islands
Traditional Chinese 索罟群島
Aerial view of Siu A Chau looking towards the South coast of Lantau Island

The Soko Islands (Chinese: 索罟群島) are a group of islands in Hong Kong. The group consists of Tai A Chau, Siu A Chau and several smaller nearby islands, in the southwestermost waters of the territory, to the southwest of Lantau Island.

Now largely uninhabited, the islands formerly accommodated a refugee camp for Vietnamese boat people. CLP Power is currently proposing them as the site for a terminal to receive liquefied natural gas (LNG) for use in electricity generation. This proposal is opposed by local environmental groups because the surrounding waters are an important habitat for various marine species, particularly the rare Chinese White Dolphin.

The islands of the group are: