Latent Anxiety

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Latent Anxiety
Still from music video "Love Delirium"
Still from music video "Love Delirium"
Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresAlternative rock
Alternative metal
Electronic music
Industrial rock
Industrial metal
Instrument(s)Vocals, guitar, bass
Years active2001 (2001)–present
LabelsDelvian Records (2005-2011)
MembersIlja Rosendahl

Latent Anxiety is an American electronic alternative rock solo music project with crossover abilities from Los Angeles, California, United States founded in 2001 by the music producer, songwriter and musician Ilja Rosendahl (vocals, guitars, bass)[1][2][3][4][5] who is also known as a film producer, director, screenwriter, actor and voiceover artist.[6]



As to the music project's name Ilja states: "There are two reasons why I chose Latent Anxiety as the name for my music project: Firstly, the initials correspond to the city of Los Angeles where the project was founded in 2001. And secondly, most of my lyrics deal with problems in modern society, such as the growing worry about the future, which is also expressed in the naming of the Latent Anxiety albums."[7][8]

Style and influences[edit]

In a 2009 interview the Grave Concerns Ezine says: "Ilja Rosendahl creates his own unique style of industrial and gothic music. He reaches further and deeper electronically with his haunting vocals and artistic melodies. His videos are rich with imagination and full of deeper meanings."[8]

Ilja describes the musical style of Latent Anxiety as: "...a crossover of dark wave, industrial and gothic themes with infusions of rock, pop and dance, which has been classified as Electronic Alternative Rock (EAR), an intention to define own boundaries and to reach out for a broader range of listeners. Latent Anxiety's musical style has been and is still being developed and I think that with every new album I'm getting closer to the essence of what I would like to present...Some of my music was inspired by movies or books. With Galley I tried to translate the visual impression of the movie 300 into music, Psycho Discrace was triggered by the movie Silence of the Lambs and Red Death is derived from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe...They (the songs) deal with life experiences and impressions in combination with fantasy, imagination or historical events."[8] "People say that Latent Anxiety has an innovative and sometimes experimental approach. I think it’s a fusion of different styles, hence Electronic Alternative Rock (EAR)...The concept of Latent Anxiety is to combine hard drums with edgy guitars, melodic synths and dark vocals."[3]

Latent Anxiety songs were compared to other musical groups by the Music Street magazine stating "This has that Kraftwerk meets Rammstein approach."[9] and "This is a hard-edged jam that's really almost like a techno version of Judas Priest."[10]

The Sonic Seducer Magazine sees a blend of influences from Europop to Dark Wave and Industrial Music.[11]

AllMusic draws similarities to Roxy Music, Rob Zombie, David Bowie, Thomas Dolby, Ministry, Einstuerzende Neubauten and Nine Inch Nails.[1]

Other collaborations[edit]

Rosendahl also collaborated with vocals and guitars on the Mortal Loom album This Vastness.[8][12]


Studio albums[edit]


Year Album By Notes
2016 Salvation Latent Anxiety
2012 Liberation Latent Anxiety
2010 Suffocation Latent Anxiety
2010 This Vastness Mortal Loom Vocals, guitars
2008 Detonation Latent Anxiety
2007 Reaction Latent Anxiety
2007 Sensation Latent Anxiety
2005 Perception Latent Anxiety

Awards and nominations[edit]


Year Award For Result
2011 Hollywood Music Awards Message From Hell (Best Music Video) Won
2010 Hollywood Music Awards Galley (Best Music Video) Nominated
2009 Equinox I Music Video and Audio Contest Love Delirium (Best Song) Won
2005-2009 Song Of The Year Song & Lyric Writing Competition (several awards) Latent Anxiety Won


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