Laurel, Oakland, California

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Coordinates: 37°47′36″N 122°11′53″W / 37.79333°N 122.19806°W / 37.79333; -122.19806

MacArthur Boulevard, the heart of the Laurel district
MacArthur Boulevard, the heart of the Laurel district
Location of Laurel in Oakland
Location of Laurel in Oakland
Coordinates: 37°47′36″N 122°11′53″W / 37.793333°N 122.198056°W / 37.793333; -122.198056
CountryUnited States

The Laurel District is one of the many culturally diverse neighborhoods in Oakland, California. It is situated between the foot of the Oakland hills and Mills College. It lies at an elevation of 226 feet (69 m). At the heart of the neighborhood lies MacArthur Blvd., a bustling shopping area with annual festivals and many local shops. The main street of the Laurel District is MacArthur Blvd., with the northwest end at 35th Avenue, and the southeast end at High Street.

35th Avenue is the defining east-west reference point through the Laurel District. The south end of Laurel goes past High Street to the point where Interstate 580 and Highway 13 intersect in a "V". High Street is a major street in the Laurel District. Heading west from Macarthur Blvd. it goes to the south end of the Fruitvale District, but as it heads to the east, past the Laurel Post Office and St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church and School, it goes about a half mile before ending and turning to other smaller residential streets (if followed eventually arrives at Highway 13). 38th Avenue is parallel to and in between 35th Ave and High St, and if traveled to the west a few blocks, just past Interstate 580, it enters the Allendale, Oakland District, a primarily residential neighborhood, which includes the converted Allendale Theater building, Allendale Park, and Allendale Grammar School. 38th Avenue also eventually reaches Fruitvale further in the westerly direction. To the north of 35th Avenue a couple of miles is Coolidge Avenue, separating Laurel from the Dimond District.[citation needed]


MacArthur Blvd. which runs through the Laurel district was once U.S. Highway 50, before Interstate 580 was built to replace it in the early 1960s. Two movie houses in Laurel were in operation from the 1920s until the 1960s. The Laurel Theater is now a church. The Hopkins Cinema at 3525 MacArthur now houses a Goodwill thrift store and an AutoZone auto parts store. Earlier (around the 1950s) it was a Hagstroms supermarket.


The Oakland Unified School District operates district public schools. Laurel Elementary School is located in Laurel.[1][2] Residents are also zoned to Bret Harte Middle School and Skyline High School.[3][4]

Roses in Concrete is a new charter school that opened in the Laurel district in October 2015.[5]

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