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For the film also known as "Left Foot Forward on the Beat", see Big Drum Under Left Foot.
Left Foot Forward
Left Foot Forward.jpg
Web address leftfootforward.org
Commercial? No
Type of site
Created by Will Straw
Editor James Bloodworth
Launched 2009
Revenue £70,000[1]
Current status Active

Left Foot Forward (LFF) is a centre-left political blog in the UK, established in 2009 it was created and edited by Will Straw, the son of Alice Perkins and Jack Straw, until December 2010.[2] Straw was succeeded by Shamik Das, who was succeeded in February 2013 by James Bloodworth, the current editor.[3]

The site is part of a cohort of British left-wing blogs which attracted interest from the media in 2010 and 2011.[4][5][6][7]


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