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Lemery Church

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Lemery Church
Saint Roch Parish
Simbahan ni San Roque
Facade of Lemery Church in Batangas.jpg
Facade of the church of Lemery, Batangas
13°52′59″N 120°54′48″E / 13.882932°N 120.913270°E / 13.882932; 120.913270Coordinates: 13°52′59″N 120°54′48″E / 13.882932°N 120.913270°E / 13.882932; 120.913270
LocationIllustre Avenue, Poblacion Lemery, Batangas
DenominationRoman Catholic
DedicationSaint Roch
Functional statusActive
Architectural typeChurch building
ArchbishopGilbert Garcera
Priest in chargeRev. Msgr. Ruben M. Dimaculangan

The Saint Roch Parish Church, is a Roman Catholic Church in the municipality of Lemery, Batangas in the Philippines. The parish became independent from Taal by the order of Manila's Archbishop in May 12, 1868.[1]


Lemery was originally a barrio of Taal under the name of San Genaro. It was separated from Taal in 1862, under the new name of "Lemery", and was accepted by the Augustinian Chapter in 1866. In 1867, Fr. Jose Martin started the construction of a church made of hew stone. It was finished in 1880 by Fr. Raymundo Cortazar, who was also responsible for the artistic convent and a cemetery which he also completed in 1887. The original church features a baroque facade flanked by twin towers. Unfortunately, the facade of the church, damaged in 1945, was totally demolished to pave the way for new one,[1] both facade and twin towers were pulled down to give may to modern cement structure. The facade later underwent renovations in 2013, remodeling the post war facade.


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