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Lemon tree or Lemontree may refer to:

  • Lemon myrtle, an Australian native tree with a distinct lemon smell, used in cooking and as an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Citrus limon, the tree bearing the lemon (fruit).


Film, music and literature[edit]

  • Lemon Tree (film), a 2008 film by director Eran Riklis
  • The Lemon Tree (album), an album by Daryl Braithwaite
  • "Lemon Tree" (Will Holt song), a song made popular by Trini Lopez
  • "Lemon Tree" (Fool's Garden song), a song by Fool's Garden
  • The Lemon Trees, a 1990s UK pop band
  • "Lemon of Troy", an episode of The Simpsons featuring the theft of Springfield's Lemon Tree
  • The Lemon Tree, an arts venue in Aberdeen, Scotland, managed by Aberdeen Performing Arts
  • The Lemon Tree, a 2006 novel by Sandy Tolan (ISBN 978-1582343433)

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