Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent

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Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent
Fusiliers du St-Laurent 2iem. rue Rimouski.JPG
Insignia of les Fusiliers du St-Laurent
Active 1869–present
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Army
Type Line infantry
Part of 35 Canadian Brigade Group
Garrison/HQ RHQ – Rimouski, Quebec
Motto(s) French: J'y suis en garde (I am on guard)
March "Rêves canadiens"
Engagements Boer War
World War I
Arras (1917)
Battle honours Defence of Canada – 1812–1815 – Défense du Canada;[1] Châteauguay;[2] Arras, 1917;[3] Afghanistan[4]
Website www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/fusiliers-du-st-laurent/index.page

Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent is a Primary Reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces. It was first raised in 1869 but also perpetuates the 4th Battalion, Select Embodied Militia, from the War of 1812. From 1954 to 1968, as a reserve regiment, it also was given a subsidiary title as the 5th Battalion of the Van Doos. This association was ended in 1968.

The regiment is based in Rimouski, Quebec.


Lineage chart of les Fusiliers du St-Laurent:[3]

1812 4th Bn, Select Embodied Militia 2nd Militia Light Infy Bn Canadian Chasseurs
1815 Disbanded Disbanded Disbanded
1862 Independent infy coys
1863 Independent infy coys
1868 Independent infy coys
1869 The Provisional Bn of "Temiscouata" The Provisional Bn of Rimouski The Bn of "Montmagny and l'Islet"
1869 61st Montmagny and l'Islet Bn
1883 89th "Témiscouata and Rimouski" Bn of Infy
1900 89th Temiscouata and Rimouski Regt 61st Montmagny and l'Islet Regt
1902 61st Régt de Montmagny
1916 189th "Overseas" Bn, CEF
1916 Absorbed by 69th "Overseas" Bn, CEF
1917 Disbanded
1920 Le Régt Témiscouata and Rimouski Le Régt de Montmagny
1922 Fusiliers du St. Laurent
1942 1st Bn, Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent, CASF 2nd (Reserve) Bn, Fusiliers du St. Laurent 3rd (Reserve) Bn, Fusiliers du St. Laurent 1st Bn, Le Régt de Montmagny, CASF 2nd (Reserve) Bn, Le Régt de Montmagny
1944 Le Régt de Gaspé-Bonaventure Disbanded
1945 Disbanded Fusiliers du St. Laurent Le Régt de Montmagny
1946 Disbanded
1954 Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent (5th Bn, Royal 22e Régt)
1963 Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent (5e Bon, Royal 22e Régt)
1968 Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent
2012 Perpetuates War of 1812 units
Abbreviations used in the chart
Abbreviation Phrase
Bn Battalion
Bon Bataillon
CASF Canadian Active Service Force
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
Coys Companies
Infy Infantry
Regt Regiment
Régt Régiment



Site Date(s) Designated Description Image
Rimouski Armoury
65 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street East
Rimouski, Quebec
1910-11 Canada's Register of Historic Places; Recognized - 1991 Register of the Government of Canada Heritage Buildings

Housing Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent, this centrally located red brick structure's compact, solid volume creates a strong visual presence

Order of precedence[edit]

Preceded by
The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent Succeeded by
Le Régiment de la Chaudière

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