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Leslie Theodore Lyall (1905–1996) was a British Protestant Christian missionary in China. He also authored several books about China. He served with the China Inland Mission.


  • Leslie Lyall, John Sung (1954, ret 1961), Come Wind, Come Weather: The Present Experience of the Church in China (1961)
  • The Church Local and Universal (1962)
  • Urgent Harvest (1962)
  • A Passion for the Impossible: The Continuing Story of the Mission Hudson Taylor Began (1965, ret 1976)
  • Red Sky at Night (1969)
  • A World to Win (1972)
  • Three of China's Mighty Men (1973)
  • New Spring in China: A Christian Appraisal' (1979)
  • Obituaries: The Independent, February 24, 1996; Daily Telegraph, February 19, 1996; The Guardian, February 16, 1996
  • See also Douglas Johnson, Contending for the Faith: A History of the Evangelical Movement in the Universities and Colleges (1979).

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