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Let 3
Rijecki novi val 150208 Let3.jpg
Background information
OriginRijeka, Croatia
GenresAlternative rock, Punk rock, Shock rock
Years active1987 (1987)–present
MembersDamir Martinović
Zoran Prodanović
Ivan Bojčić
Dražen Baljak
Matej Zec

Let 3 (Croatian for "Flight 3") is a modern rock band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 1987. The band frontmen are Damir "Mrle" Martinović and Zoran "Prlja" Prodanović. The band is popular in Croatia and other former Yugoslav republics due to their original approach to rock music and their obscene live performances. Sometimes provocative and vulgar lyrics and always shocking live performances with much nudity often polarise the Croatian public.

Band members[edit]

Let 3 often change their lineup. Current lineup is:

Former band members are:

  • Branko Kovačić (Husta) - drums, percussion
  • Kornelije Đuras (Korni) - keyboards, samples
  • Ivan Šarar (Faf) - keyboards, programming, samples
  • Ivica Dražić (Miki) - guitar, vocals
  • Nenad Tubin - drums, vocals
  • Igor Perović (Gigi) - guitar
  • Zoran Klasić (Klas) - guitar, vocals
  • Orijen Modrušan - guitar
  • Alen Tibljaš - drums
  • Marko Bradaschia - drums
  • Dean Benzia - drums
  • Siniša Banović - drums
  • Ljubomir Silić - bass guitar
  • Raoul Varljen - keyboards, chorn[check spelling]



  1. Two dogs fuckin' (1989)
  2. El Desperado (1991)
  3. Peace (1994)
  4. Živi kurac (Live Dick; live) (1996)
  5. Nečuveno (Outrageous) (1997)
  6. Jedina (The Only One) (2000)
  7. Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka (Bombardment of Serbia and Čačak) (2005)
  8. Živa Pička (Live Cunt; live) (DVD) (2008)
  9. Kurcem do vjere/Thank you lord (Faith by Dick/Thank You Lord) (iz ciklusa: I popov kurac bi jeb'o u miru) (2013)
  10. Angela Merkel sere (Angela Merkel bullshitting) (2016)


The band is known for their unprecedented, controversial and sometimes obscene performances. Their album "Nečuveno" (trans. Outrageous or Unheard of) was distributed as a CD which had nothing recorded on it - not even silence, it was just a piece of plastic. Nonetheless, it sold 350 copies. The following album "Jedina" (trans. The only one) was first recorded in only one copy which the band refused to sell or distribute. Few months after the "release" they decided to release the album in 3 slightly different versions. In 2000 they staged (fake) suicide by firing squad on Ban Jelačić Square - the central square in Zagreb, Croatian capital.

They frequently use sexuality to outrage the public. They often perform naked except for muzzles on their penises. Video for their first single "Rado ide Srbin u vojnike (Pička)" (trans. Gladly will the Serb enlist (Cunt) a play on Josip Runjanin's song "Rado Srbin ide u vojnike") for the 2005 album Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka (trans. Bombardment of Serbia and Čačak) features extras dressed in Serbian and Albanian national costume - masturbating. On December 14, 2008, the live talk show Nedjeljom u 2 featuring two of the band members finished 9 minutes early, after the talk show host judged their behaviour as inappropriate. The show abruptly ended shortly after band members simulated the ejection of a cork from their rectums and talkshow host Aleksandar Stanković covering them with his jacket.


On December 22, 2006 police officers reported members of the band for insulting of public morality. They were playing on open-air concert in Varaždin and performing their usual show which includes partial nudity. The court found them guilty and penalised every member of the band with equivalent of 350 kn (approx. 50).[1]


  • Porin 1997 - Best original vocal or instrumental composition for theatre, movies and/or television - "Pipi", Let 3
  • Porin 2001 - Best album of alternative rock music - Jedina, Let 3
  • Crni Mačak 2001 - Performers of the year - Let 3
  • Crni Mačak 2001 - Song of the year - "Profesor Jakov", Let 3
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Album of the year - Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka, Let 3
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Band of the year - Let 3
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Performer of the year - Prlja, Let 3
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Videospot of the year - "Rado ide Srbin u vojnike (Pička)", Let 3 (directed by Dalija Pintarić)
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Producent of the year - Iztok Turk and Mrle, Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka, Let 3
  • Zlatna Koogla 2006 - Best album cover - Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka, Let 3 (design by Mrle and Stipe/Smart 69)
  • Porin 2006 - Best album of rock music - Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka, Let 3
  • Porin 2006 - Videospot of the year - "Ero s onoga svijeta", Let 3


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