Liberian constitutional referendum, 1847

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A constitutional referendum was held in Liberia on 27 September 1847. The new constitution would create a President with executive powers and a bicameral Legislature. It would also restrict voting rights to those of African descent and landowners.[1] It was approved by 79% of voters (although only 272 people voted). In Monrovia, Millsburg, Bassa Cove and Bexley 100% of voters supported the constitution, whilst 100% voted against it in Sinoe.[2] In Edina opponents of the constitution prevented the polling station opening, and a fist-fight broke out between Amos Herrnig and Ephraim Titler, two of the Declaration of Independence signatories.[3]


Choice Votes %
For 214 78.68
Against 58 21.32
Total 272 100


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