Métropolitaine Junior AA Hockey League

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Métropolitaine Junior AA
Hockey League
Richelieu Logo.png
Sport Ice hockey
President Pierre Côté
No. of teams 10
Countries Canada
Headquarters Laval, Quebec
Most recent
Richelieu Patriots

The Métropolitaine Junior AA Hockey League is a junior ice hockey league in the Richelieu-area of Quebec, Canada. The league is sanctioned by Hockey Quebec and Hockey Canada and competes annually for the Coupe Dodge. Until 2012, the league was known as the Richelieu Junior AA Hockey League.


In the Summer of 2012, the Richelieu Junior AA Hockey League changed its name to the Metropolitaine Junior AA Hockey League to reflect the diversity of teams that had entered the league.


Team Centre
Delta Ducs Laval, Quebec
Laval-Nord Cobras Laval, Quebec
Longueuil College Francais Longueuil, Quebec
Monteuil Eclairs Auteuil, Quebec
Montreal Slammers Montreal, Quebec
Montreal-Nord Nordiques Montreal, Quebec
Richelieu Eclaireurs Richelieu, Quebec
Richelieu Grand Ducs Richelieu, Quebec
Richelieu Patriotes Richelieu, Quebec
St-Laurent Predateurs Saint-Laurent, Quebec


Bolded are winners of the Coupe Dodge Junior AA Provincial championship.

  • 2006 Rive-Sud Collège Français
  • 2007 Montreal-Nord Nordiques
  • 2008 Richelieu Eclaireurs
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014 Richelieu Patriots
  • 2015 Richelieu Eclaireurs
  • 2016 Richelieu Patriots

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