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Linda Le (Vampy)
Cosplay Shoot BTS 4.jpg
Linda Le dressed as Psylocke in 2013
Born (1982-12-15) December 15, 1982 (age 35)
Okmulgee, Oklahoma, US
Nationality American
Alma mater San Jose State University
Partner(s) Jesse Yu[1][2]
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)[3]
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown[3]

Linda Le (born December 15, 1982 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma[4][3]) is an American cosplayer, costumer, model, artist and Internet personality of Vietnamese descent.[5][6] She is also known as Vampy Bit Me, or just Vampy or Vamp; "Vampy" is also a name she has given to her own fictional character persona.[6][7][8]


Early life[edit]

Born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma to a family of Vietnamese immigrants,[6] Le moved to and grew up in San Jose, California,[3] where she graduated with business degree from San Jose State University while doing various odd jobs.[9] She later studied hairstyling from Paul Mitchell's the U.S. and at Toni & Guy in London[6] as well as in Tokyo,[4] before returning to America where she began teaching makeup and modeling. She has been dressing up as classic anime and video game characters since she was 12.[7]


Linda Le posing as Jun from Gatchaman in 2013

Her early fame came after some of her cosplays were featured in the showcase book Otacool 2[10] by Japanese toy and collectible company Kotobukiya.[11] Le then collaborated with Street Fighter artist Long Vo to create artwork and a comic for Udon Entertainment's book VENT, as well as with Sideshow Collectibles' sculptor Tim Miller, theCHIVE,[12][13] Gibson Guitar Corporation,[14] KusoVinyl,[7] Myx TV,[15][16] Manga Entertainment UK and Bang Zoom! Entertainment,[17] Jessica Chobot,[18] and other artists and companies in the USA and Japan.[19] Le is a part of costume and armor prop-making group Team Mantium Designs,[19] later renamed Mantium Industries,[20] and a video gamer sponsored by Mad Catz.[19] Le has been writing a column for YouBentMyWookie[21] and in 2012 she joined Nerdist Industries to produce Just Cos, an Internet show about the world of cosplay, co-hosted by Chloe Dykstra.[22] Le was a member of Kat Gunn's professional gaming and cosplay team, Less Than 3 (LT3), which was also sponsored by Mad Catz.[23] FHM Singapore featured her in the December 2013 issue, including on the cover.[24][25]

She is a particular fan of Psylocke from X-Men,[26][27] of whom she cosplayed in every version of the character,[28] and of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.[4][27][29][30] In 2013 interviews, Le said she works "almost 15 hour days and sleep about the maximum is around 4 hours", her favourite costume so far was the one of Teresa from Claymore,[11] the most ambitious costume was Morrigan's, and the oddest costume request she has got was "the almost-naked Kasumi from Dead or Alive."[25] She has been to over 200 American fan conventions between 2008 and 2013,[6] when she has decided to "take some time off" later that year.[31] Amped Asia in 2010 called her "probably the #1 most universally attractive Asian girl on the planet due to her geekiness (and sexiness too)."[30] IGN in 2011 opined "her cosplay skill is off the charts."[4] According to Kotaku in 2012, "Linda is a cosplay machine, renowned not just for the quality of her costumes, but their variety as well;"[32] Kotaku has also previously described her as "incredibly attractive" and her works as "amazing".[33] Asked in 2013 as where she sees herself in 20 years from now, Le answered: "Cosplay is great, but I can't be doing it forever ... Hopefully, I'll have my own costume line, come up with toys and do something related to the arts scene."[6] Linda Le was named one of the top ten most popular Cosplayers in 2014.[34]


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