Lion's Head (Kennon Road)

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Coordinates: 16°22′03″N 120°36′21″E / 16.367556°N 120.605899°E / 16.367556; 120.605899

Lion's Head
Lion's Head, Baguio City.jpg
The Lion's Head monument in 2015
LocationKennon Road, Baguio, Philippines
DesignerAnselmo Bayang Day-ag
Height40 ft (12 m)
Beginning date1968
Opening date1972
Dedicated toLions Club
The two Lion's Heads along Kennon Road in the Philippines. In front right is the original naturally shaped Lion's Head. In the background, to the left, is the man-made and painted Lion's Head.

The Lions Head is a statue along Kennon Road, a major highway in Luzon, Philippines that leads to the city of Baguio. Located in Camp 6, the Lion's Head measures 40 ft (12 m) in height.[1][2] It was conceptualized by the Lions Club members of Baguio, during the term of Luis Lardizabal as mayor of Baguio from 1969 to 1970 and as the club's president,[3] to become the club's symbol or imprint in the area. Prior to the artistic sculpting, the limestone was prepared by a group of engineers and miners, then the "actual artistic carving of the façade" was rendered by Anselmo Bayang Day-ag, an Ifugao and Isinay artist and woodcarver from the Cordillera Administrative Region. The construction project began in 1968 but was interrupted.[3] The project was continued in 1971 by another Lions Club president, Robert Webber,[3] and was unveiled in 1972.[4]


The forerunner of the man-made Lion's Head was a "large rock" described to be "naturally shaped like a lion", which prior to 1972 was the landmark that tourists observe along Kennon Road towards Baguio City.[5] However, according to the article Lion's Head in Baguio City - Philippines, the current Lion's Head landmark was also a limestone naturally shaped like a "male lion, with a mane".[3]


It has undergone several coloration changes before restoring it to acquiring its traditional gold and black color. It was at some points in time painted white and brown, or yellow. It had also undergone restoration after being damaged by vandalism and by the earthquake in Northern Luzon in 1990.[3]


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