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List & Label
Developer(s) combit
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English, German. Enduser Designer: English, German, French, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Type Reporting software, Business Intelligence
License proprietary

List & Label is a reporting tool for developers to enable the design and print of reports in Microsoft Windows applications. It supports data sources and development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Embarcadero RAD Studio. Reports are designed once in the interactive Designer and can then be exported to formats such as PDF, Excel, XHTML and RTF. For the custom preview format, a free viewer application is available. The Designer can be used by end-users royalty free with all paid editions of List & Label.


The product was first released in 1992 by combit. The current version is 23, released in October 2017.


Report Designer[edit]

The Designer enables users to graphically layout the report. It offers report objects such as tables, charts, crosstabs, gauges, HTML, formatted text, barcodes, matrix codes, lines, rectangles and images. Object properties can either have a fixed value or a conditional formatting. The Designer can be extended by the developer – custom objects, functions and menu actions are supported. The application can interact with the report via the programmable object model of the report. HTML5 viewer is available.

Data Sources[edit]

Depending on the programming language, the product offers automatic support for data sources:

Additionally, the product offers support for unbound data and can be extended to support other data sources via interfaces.[1]

Export Formats[edit]

Target Audience[edit]

List & Label can be used in Windows development environments. While it competes with other products such as Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, ActiveReports, and most notably on the Microsoft .NET platform, there are few competing products for other programming languages (e.g. Progress, Alaska Xbase++, Visual DataFlex).


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  • "Giving stars with 0-5 stars? This product is 5+ and a must have for any developer that designs reports, lists and labels.",



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