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The Local Hero Award[1] is a part of the Australian of the Year awards. It commenced in 2003 and is sponsored by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The Local Hero Award acknowledges extraordinary contributions made by Australians in their local community. A Local Hero from each state and territory is chosen each year, with one of the eight state and territory Local Heroes announced as Australia's Local Hero on Australia Day eve each year.

List of award recipients[edit]

Year Name Achievement
2003 Brian Perry AFSM Bushfire fighter[2]
2004 Donna Carson Survivor of domestic violence[2]
2005 Ben Kearney Environmental campaigner[2]
2006 Toni Hoffman Patient advocate[2]
2007 Shanaka Fernando Social challenger[2]
2008 Jonathon Welch AM Choral conductor[2]
2009 Graeme Drew Sea rescuer and educator[2]
2010 Ronni Kahn Food rescuer[2]
2011 Donald Ritchie OAM Suicide prevention advocate[2]
2012 Lynne Sawyers Foster mother[2]
2013 Shane Phillips Indigenous leader[2]
2014 Tim Conolan Children’s charity founder[2]
2015 Juliette Wright Social entrepreneur[2]
2016 Dr Catherine Keenan Youth educator[2]
2017 Vicki Jellie Campaigned to establish a cancer centre in Warrnambool[3]
2018 Eddie Woo Sydney maths teacher[4]

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