List of Cistercian abbeys in Britain

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This is a List of Cistercian monasteries (called abbeys) in Great Britain. The first Cistercian abbey in Great Britain was Waverley Abbey in Surrey, founded in 1128. In the next few years further abbeys were founded in other parts of Britain, notably Yorkshire and in Scotland and Wales.

Currently active abbeys[edit]

Abbeys, now dissolved, ruined or destroyed[edit]

Given in brackets are the date of foundation and which house the Abbey is a filiation of.

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  1. ^ The Howard family, Dukes of Norfolk, were granted Sibton Abbey by the Crown at the dissolution of the monasteries. Sibton Abbey and Sibton Manor were subsequently sold in 1610 to Ralph Scrivener, barrister of Ipswich. The Abbey is in ruins, but the refectory and the south wall of the nave survive, although the ruins are heavily overgrown. The Scrivener family (Levett-Scrivener) continues to reside there.
  2. ^ Sibton Abbey Account Book, Saxmundham, Private collection of J. E. Levett-Scrivener, Digital Archive of Medieval Music
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