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A scene from the Daktari Season 1 episode The Diamond Smugglers, first aired in 1966.

This is a list of Daktari episodes (1966–1968) in the order in which they were released.

Season 1 (1966)[edit]

Title Original Airdate Guest Stars #
The Elephant Thieves January 11, 1966 Lane Bradford, Dan Ferrone 101
A baby elephant heads for Dr. Tracy's study center after a trapper kills its mother.
Predator of Wameru January 18, 1966 Don Marshall, Than Wyenn 102
Dr. Tracy sets out after a poacher, who has set dozens of animal traps all over the reserve.
The Killer Lion January 25, 1966 Don Marshall 103
A game guard's old pet lioness's increasing irritability culminates in an attack on a farmer.
Adventure of the Lion Cubs February 1, 1966 Sean McClory, Lawrence Montaigne 104
Dr. Tracy and Jack Dane come across three lion cubs whose mother has been snared in a poacher's trap.
Trail of the Cheetah February 8, 1966 Ron Hayes, Don Marshall, Dina Merrill 105
While Janet Lorne is visiting Wameru, an escaped murderer is reported in the vicinity.
Leopard of Madla George February 15, 1966 Peter Brocco, Harry Lauter, Marian McCargo, Otis Young 106
A professional hunter joins an archaeological expedition, with the job of killing all predatory animals near the camp.
The Diamond Smugglers March 1, 1966 Richard Angarola, Nico Minardos, Paul Winfield 107
Dr. Tracy pays a visit to two Frenchmen who say they are paleontologists, but who are actually diamond smugglers.
The Chimp Who Went Ape March 8, 1966 108
Judy the chimp angers a family of wild chimpanzees when she brings an injured young chimp to the study center.
The Killer Dog March 15, 1966 George Mitchell 109
A foul-tempered farmer has trained his German Shepherd dog to attack any and all animals from the Wameru reserve. Paula and Jack Dane find the animal caught in a poacher's snare, rescue it, and take it back to Dr. Tracy to be treated and, more importantly, re-trained—a prospect that's not likely to sit well with the dog's owner.
Return of the Killer March 22, 1966 Jan Clayton, Ron Hayes 110
After escaping from prison, Roy Meadows, a wounded killer, heads for Wameru to receive medical aid.
Return of the Killer: Part 2 March 29, 1966 Ron Hayes 111
Held at gunpoint, Paula must try to remove a bullet from escaped killer Roy Meadows.
The Man-Eater of Wameru April 5, 1966 Doris Dowling, Joe Higgins 112
A magazine photographer looking for a story lures a hostile tribe of poachers onto the Wameru reserve, thinking that she will get some dramatic pictures to go with the story.
Crisis at the Compound April 12, 1966 Gloria Manon, David Opatoshu 113
Dr. Tracy treats an injured leopard and releases it into the wild, but a visiting trade commissioner who wants to hunt for big game sets his sights on the leopard for his trophy. Dr. Tracy sets out to derail his plans.
The Hostages April 19, 1966 Chips Rafferty, Carl Held 114
Clarence the lion and Judy the chimp are kidnapped and held for ransom.
Judy and the Hyena April 26, 1966 Ed Prentiss 115
Judy the chimp, who was once bitten by a hyena, gets nervous, scared and agitated when she sees Paul and Jack bring in an injured hyena pup. Dr. Tracy has a difficult time keeping Judy calm enough so he can treat the hyena.
Wall of Flames: Part 1 May 3, 1966 King Donovan, Michael Pate 116
Warned against hunting on the Wameru reserve, a hunter starts a fire to drive the animals out.
Wall of Flames: Part 2 May 10, 1966 King Donovan, Michael Pate 117
Paula and Jack face the dangers of a brush fire started by an unscrupulous hunter.
Judy and the Gunrunners May 17, 1966 Theodore Marcuse 118
Dr. Tracy lends a helping hand to Dr. Akubar, a gunrunner posing as an archaeologist.

Season 2 (1966-67)[edit]

Title Original Airdate Guest Stars #
The Return of Clarence September 13, 1966 201
Clarence the lion, normally a gentle soul, starts acting oddly after receiving a blow to the head in a jeep accident, becoming edgy, hard to control and growling at everybody. Dr. Tracy suspects that the blow has given Clarence amnesia, a diagnosis seemingly confirmed when Clarence suddenly takes a nasty swipe at Paula.
Deadline to Kill September 20, 1966 Linden Chiles 202
A rancher releases cattle in a plan to entice lions and leopards to kill them, thus giving the rancher an excuse to drive Dr. Tracy from the area and claim the reserve's land. Dr. Tracy must round up the cattle before the big cats become livestock killers.
Daktari's Last Hunt September 27, 1966 Jack Kelly 203
A big-game hunter, angry at Dr. Tracy for closing off the Wameru reserve to hunting, stalks Dr. Tracy and Judy the chimp through the wild, trying to prove that Dr. Tracy will have to kill an animal to survive.
Judy's Hour of Peril October 4, 1966 204
Judy the chimp switches the vial used for her regular fever shot, causing Paula to accidentally inject her with a deadly virus. Judy then wanders off into the wild. Her human and animal friends race against time to find her and give her the necessary antidote before it's too late.
Cheetah at Large October 11, 1966 Raymond St. Jacques 205
The Emir of Asambana's prize cheetah is sick, and may not be able to race in an important contest with a rival tribe. The Emir threatens to cut off the Wameru reserve from using the water on his property unless Dr. Tracy cures his cheetah in time for the race.
The Test October 18, 1966 Rupert Crosse, D'Urville Martin 206
Mike searches in the jungle for a tribal chief's son, who has fled into the bush in an attempt to prove to everyone that he's not a coward.
Born to Die October 25, 1966 207
A pregnant black leopard with a history of killing her previous cubs and attacking her trainer is brought to the center in hopes that Dr. Tracy can change her behavior. However, Judy the chimp fails to lock the leopard's cage and she escapes. Paula is forced to play midwife when she finds the leopard in the bush about to give birth.
The Trial November 1, 1966 Henri Brown, Robert DoQui 208
Dr. Tracy serves as defense counsel for his trained elephant, who is being put on trial by the locals for going on a rampage in a local village and injuring the chief.
Death in the African Sun November 15, 1966 209
Jack is out driving his jeep in the bush with Judy the chimp when the vehicle stalls out. With no water, they're forced to leave the jeep and try to make their way back through the drought-stricken jungle. Jack decides to follow a herd of giraffes, hoping that the animals will lead them to water.
Revenge of the Leopard November 22, 1966 Doris Dowling 210
Dr. Tracy agrees to escort a wealthy, beautiful woman on a filming safari. Unbeknownst to him, the woman's real objective is to find, track and kill a legendary leopard that killed her father years before.
Shoot to Kill November 29, 1966 Trevor Bardette, Joan Huntington, Troy Melton, Gil Perkins, Bruno the Bear 211
A sick circus bear escapes into the bush, and Dr. Tracy tries to find it before worried local ranchers kill it, fearful that it will contaminate their water supply.
Cry for Help December 6, 1966 Gene Boland, Godfrey Cambridge, Davis Roberts, Paul Winfield 212
Dr. Tracy goes looking for a self-styled tribal "healer" he ran out of the area when he finds that the man has the antidote for the venom of a deadly spider that has just bitten Paula.
Clarence the Killer December 20, 1966 Joe Higgins, William Stevens 213
A hunter plots to close the Wameru reserve by turning loose a killer lion against Dr. Tracy and then blaming Clarence the lion for the doctor's death.
The Chimp Who Cried Wolf December 27, 1966 Morey Amsterdam 214
A TV comedian visits Dr. Tracy's compound to record the sounds made by animals, but his bumbling disrupts the compound and endangers the lives of Paula, Clarence the lion, and Judy the chimp.
Little Miss Nightingale January 3, 1967 215
While Mike is riding in his jeep with Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion, the jeep overturns, pinning Mike underneath it. Mike's survival depends on Judy fending off predatory wild animals and Clarence carrying an emergency message back to the study center.
Judy and the Gorilla January 10, 1967 Virginia Mayo, Michael O'Shea 216
Two hunters raid the Wameru reserve to steal some very valuable animals, kidnapping Judy the chimp in the process. Dr. Tracy has to stop them.
House of Lions January 17, 1967 217
An injured and potentially dangerous lioness escapes from Dr. Tracy's compound. Clarence the lion tries to stop her, but ends up injured by a spear from a native's trap and stranded in a hut with a family of wild lions. Dr. Tracy, Paula and Jack attempt to rescue Clarence.
Undercover Judy January 24, 1967 Alan Hewitt, Frank Marth 218
Hedley accompanies an officer and his Nazi prisoner on a mission to locate microfilm evidence against the Nazi and his cohorts that is supposedly buried on the reserve. However, the officer and prisoner are actually two former German soldiers looking for a cache of buried diamonds. Their plan goes awry when Hedley gives the package of diamonds to Judy the chimp, who hides them.
Countdown for Paula January 31, 1967 Gregory Morton, Vince Howard 219
Paula and Dr. Tracy work to remove wildlife from an area soon to be flooded when hydraulic engineers dynamite a levee. An impatient engineer, not knowing that Paula is in the area and annoyed over the time lost saving animals, sets off the dynamite ahead of schedule, releasing a wall of floodwater and endangering Paula's life.
Terror in the Bush February 7, 1967 220
A jeep accident out in the bush results in Dr. Tracy being seriously injured. Paula and Judy the chimp are the only ones with him and have to find a way to get him safely back through the wild to where he can get medical attention.
Judy and the Baby Elephant February 14, 1967 221
A baby elephant is attacked by a leopard and needs medical care, but the adult wild elephants won't let anyone near the injured baby. Dr. Tracy and Judy the chimp must find a way to help the baby elephant before it's too late.
A Bullet for Hedley February 21, 1967 Lionel Kranitz, Alan Caillou 222
A vicious jewel thief threatens to murder Hedley unless Dr. Tracy gives him a pouch of stolen diamonds that, unknown to him, were taken by Judy the chimp.
Judy the Poacher February 28, 1967 Rex Ingram 223
Dr. Tracy and Jack ask Hedley to investigate the disappearance of several baby animals from the compound. Hedley soon finds the one responsible for the thefts: it's Judy the chimp.
Goodbye, Mike Makula March 7, 1967 Janet MacLachlan 224
Mike is attracted to a beautiful visitor to the compound, who offers him an important job back in the U.S. with a foundation she is setting up. But Mike's friends find evidence that the job offer isn't what it appears to be, and try to stop him from leaving.
Operation Springtime March 14, 1967 225
The coming of spring at the Wameru reserve finds Jack and Mike attempting to hatch abandoned ostrich eggs, with help from Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion.
King Clarence March 21, 1967 Peter Mamakos 226
A valuable royal lion cub needs a blood transfusion, and Clarence the lion has the type of blood needed, but he seems to have disappeared. Dr. Tracy and his friends fan out to find him and save the cub's life.
The Long Hunt March 28, 1967 Harvey Jason 227
The nephew of an Indian sultan visits the compound, but his real objective is the revenge killing of a tiger previously donated by his uncle. Only Judy the chimp realizes his plan, and saves the tiger several times until Dr. Tracy catches on to the plot.
Judy and the Vulture April 4, 1967 George Mitchell 228
Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion "adopt" a vulture as their new friend and playmate, but they don't know that the bird is carrying a lethal virus that makes Clarence very ill.
A Cub Called Danger April 11, 1967 229
Paula discovers a lioness is not feeding her cub. Despite her father's warnings not to interfere with nature, Paula and Judy the chimp decide to "rescue" the cub, endangering the lives of Paula, the cub, and Clarence the lion.

Season 3 (1967-68)[edit]

Title Original Airdate Guest Stars #
Judy and the Astro-Chimp September 5, 1967 Robert Clarke, Davis Roberts 301
Dr. Tracy faces a predicament when Judy the chimp trades places with another chimp who has been trained for the astronaut program, who has somehow made its way into the compound and gotten lost.
The Execution September 12, 1967 302
A mother leopard behaves strangely by attacking Dr. Tracy and Hedley, but abandoning its cub. Rather than destroy the leopard, Dr. Tracy operates on the leopard for a brain tumor while Judy the chimp secretly adopts the cub.
Crime Wave at Wameru September 19, 1967 Robert DoQui, Peter Mamakos, Albert Popwell 303
A stern, no-nonsense sergeant has been sent to replace District Officer Hedley. In an effort to save his job, Judy the chimp and her animal friends kidnap a lion cub.
Goodbye, Wameru September 26, 1967 Clarence Williams III 304
A well-known African journalist is determined to discredit Wameru in print. Jack, Mike and Paula try to come up with a plan to stop him, but in the end Judy the chimp has the best plan and saves the day.
Killer Tribe October 3, 1967 Don Pedro Colley 305
A search party is sent out to look for Judy the chimp when it's discovered that she has left the compound with a stranger suspected of being a member of a very dangerous tribe.
The Scent of Fear October 10, 1967 Nico Minardos 306
A new game warden comes to the compound to be trained by Dr. Tracy, but he doesn't get along well with the animals, and is forced to confront an old fear.
Return of the Phantom October 17, 1967 Percy Rodriguez 307
A hunter and Dr. Tracy are both stalking a famous leopard, as Dr. Tracy tries to save the leopard from the hunter.
Countdown for Judy October 24, 1967 Karl Swenson 308
Judy the chimp becomes gravely ill after eating some berries sprayed with poison by a new farmer. Dr. Tracy and his team race against the clock to save Judy by finding out the source and nature of the poison in order to give an antidote.
Judy and the Jailbirds October 31, 1967 Sterling Holloway, Leonid Kinskey, Albert Popwell 309
Dr. Tracy finds himself involved in a scheme by two old ex-cons, who want to return to the safety and comfort of their jail cell, to get caught breaking into the safe in Hedley's office so they can be sent back to prison.
One of Our Cubs Is Missing November 7, 1967 310
When Jack and Mike release a rescued lion cub back into the jungle over Paula's objections, Paula first sends Judy the chimp to guard the cub and later goes herself, ending up in a dangerous situation.
Judy and the Thoroughbred November 14, 1967 Doris Dowling 311
Dr. Tracy clashes with an Italian countess who, in striving to win races, has mistreated her champion race horse and caused it to go lame.
Return of Ethel and Albert November 21, 1967 312
Ethel the hippopotamus and Albert the donkey accidentally escape from Wameru into the bush together, and risk becoming a leopard's prey.
Judy and the Wizard November 28, 1967 Gil Lamb 313
Dr. Tracy and his friends try to help an aging magician, whose chimpanzee is getting too old to perform.
Clarence's Love-In December 5, 1967 314
Clarence the lion runs away and joins a pride of three wild lionesses he meets in the bush, forcing him to choose between remaining in the wild with them or returning to his Wameru home.
The Elephant Raid: Part 1 December 12, 1967 Kenneth Toby 315
When Wameru is threatened by a stampeding elephant herd that has already destroyed a village, a government expert (who is also an old Army friend of Dr. Tracy) plans to kill off the herd against Dr. Tracy's wishes.
The Elephant Raid: Part 2 December 19, 1967 Kenneth Toby 316
Dr. Tracy and his friends race against time to keep a destructive elephant herd from being destroyed by land mines and incendiary charges, while also trying to keep the herd from destroying the Wameru compound.
Miracle in the Jungle December 26, 1967 Jan Clayton, Mel Scott 317
A man on the run from the law slips into Wameru to retrieve stolen money he had previously buried there, but when he is frightened away by Clarence the lion, Judy the chimp takes the money and Dr. Tracy ends up being arrested for possession of it.
The Big Switch January 9, 1968 Carl Byrd, Rex Ingram 319
When Judy the chimp gives a revitalizing serum to an old native chief who has been banished from his tribe, he comes up with a plan to regain his honor: he's going to singlehandedly kill a lion.
Judy Strikes Back January 23, 1968 Tony Monaco 321
Dr. Tracy installs an electronic alarm system to protect more than $1 million worth of vaccines. Judy the chimp, angry that she's lost her job as guard, leads a protest against the new system that's replaced her.
The Killer Cub January 30, 1968 Bruce Bennett 322
Local ranchers, angry that a cheetah Dr. Tracy is treating has killed some of their cattle, give him a week to get the animal to stop, or they'll take care of the cheetah themselves.
The Killer of Wameru February 27, 1968 325
Judy the chimp is nearly killed by native hunters when she tries to help a starving lion that has wandered into the compound. The natives claim the lion has killed cattle, and Dr. Tracy must prove its innocence to get the hunters to spare its life.
The Monster of Wameru March 5, 1968 Albert Popwell, Robert DoQui 326
A gorilla-like creature is causing panic among the locals whenever it appears. Hedley wants to kill it, while Dr. Tracy and the others want to capture and study it. Unbeknownst to them, the creature is actually a native in costume hoping to make some quick money by luring tourists to his village.
The Will to Live March 12, 1968 326
Serang the tiger gets lost and apparently reverts to wild behavior, threatening the lives of an unarmed Jack and Mike.

Season 4 (1968)[edit]

Title Original Airdate Guest Stars #
A Family for Jenny September 25, 1968 Joan Anderson, Erin Moran 401
To be written
Return of the Phantom October 17, 1968 Percy Rodriguez 404
Dr. Tracy and a native hunter track down a leopard, and they agree that whoever finds the animal first should decide whether it lives or dies.
Adam and Jenny October 30, 1968 Joan Anderson, Pepe Brown, Louis Gossett, Jr., Erin Moran, Maidie Norman 406
Jenny Jones unwittingly causes Dr. Tracy a lot of trouble when, without telling anybody, she finds a home for a runaway orphan boy.
A Man's Man November 6, 1968 Eddie Applegate, Ross Hagen, Stephen McNally 407
Bart Jason heads up a photographic safari for wealthy oilman Chet Rainey and his shy son Ted in the hopes of making them closer, but the trip seemingly widens the gulf between them.
The Runaways November 13, 1968 Joan Anderson, Sid Melton 408
To be written
The Return of Ethel and Albert November 20, 1968 Hedley Mattingly 409
Leaving an injured Headley in charge of the compound, Dr. Tracy and his staff search for a hippo and a donkey who have become inseparable buddies.
Once Upon a Fang November 27, 1968 Adolph Caesar, Glynn Turman 410
A young man is banished from his tribe after he refuses to take on his father's role as the village storyteller. Ignoring Dr. Tracy's advice, he places himself in mortal danger in order to prove that he can be a great warrior.
The Divining Rods December 11, 1968 Bruce Bennett, Brett Parker 411
The Wameru reserve faces the prospect of a water shortage, due to a severe drought and a water-diversion project being constructed by a stubborn engineer.