List of Finance Ministers of Malta

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This is a list of the Finance Ministers of Malta.

Political Party

  Labour Party   Nationalist Party

Minister Took office Left office Political party
Dom Mintoff March 1955 1958 Labour Party
Constitution suspended (1958 – 1962)
Giovanni Felice March 1962 1963 Nationalist Party
Giorgio Borġ Olivier 1963 1964 Nationalist Party
Tommaso Caruana Demajo 1964 March 1966 Nationalist Party
Giovanni Felice April 1966 June 1971 Nationalist Party
Joseph Abela June 1971 July 1979 Labour Party
Ġużè Cassar July 1979 December 1981 Labour Party
Lino Spiteri December 1981 September 1983 Labour Party
Wistin Abela September 1983 May 1987 Labour Party
George Bonello du Puis May 1987 February 1992 Nationalist Party
John Dalli February 1992 September 1996 Nationalist Party
Lino Spiteri September 1996 March 1997 Labour Party
Leo Brincat March 1997 September 1998 Labour Party
John Dalli September 1998 April 2004 Nationalist Party
Lawrence Gonzi April 2004 March 2008 Nationalist Party
Tonio Fenech March 2008 March 2013 Nationalist Party
Edward Scicluna March 2013 Incumbent Labour Party

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