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This is a list of books from the Goosebumps book series written by R. L. Stine and published by Scholastic. The first book, Welcome to Dead House, was published in July 1992. Numerous spin-off series were written by Stine, including Goosebumps Series 2000 (published from 1998 to 2000), Goosebumps Gold (which was never released), Give Yourself Goosebumps (1995 to 2000), Goosebumps HorrorLand (2008 to 2012) and Goosebumps Most Wanted (2012 to 2016). More than 400 million Goosebumps books have been sold,[1] making it the best-selling series of all time for several years.[2] At one point, Goosebumps sold 4 million books a month.[3] A movie based on the books came out on October 16, 2015.[4]

Goosebumps (1992–1997)[edit]

Some titles are now out-of-print, but most of the original series books (all but five: 24, 47, 60, 61 and 62) were reprinted by Scholastic between September 2003 and June 2007 in a new cover style. In addition, 22 books were reissued from May 2008 to November 2011 as part of the Classic Goosebumps series to accompany the Goosebumps HorrorLand series.

# Title Original published date Reprint collection Pages ISBN
01Welcome to Dead HouseJuly 1992Classic Goosebumps #13
Monster Edition #1
“Retro Collecters Tin”
123ISBN 0-590-45365-3
02Stay Out of the BasementJuly 1992Monster Edition #1
Classic Goosebumps #22
122ISBN 0-590-45366-1
03Monster BloodSeptember 1992Classic Goosebumps #3
Monster Blood Collection
25th Anniversary Tin
128ISBN 0-590-45367-X
04Say Cheese and Die!November 1992Classic Goosebumps #8
Monster Edition #1
Retro Collecters Tin
132ISBN 0-590-45368-8
05The Curse of the Mummy's TombJanuary 1993Classic Goosebumps #6132ISBN 0-590-45369-6
06Let's Get Invisible!March 1993Classic Goosebumps #24139ISBN 0-590-45370-X
07Night of the Living DummyMay 1993Classic Goosebumps #1
Living Dummy Collection
Monster Edition #2
Retro Collecters Tin
134ISBN 0-590-46617-8
08The Girl Who Cried MonsterMay 1993None137ISBN 0-590-46618-6
09Welcome to Camp NightmareJuly 1993Classic Goosebumps #14
Campfire Collection
Fright Light Edition
136ISBN 0-590-46619-4
10The Ghost Next DoorAugust 1993Classic Goosebumps #29
Monster Edition #3
124ISBN 0-590-49445-7
11The Haunted MaskSeptember 1993Classic Goosebumps #4
Retro Collecters Tin
121ISBN 0-590-49446-5
12Be Careful What You Wish For...October 1993Classic Goosebumps #7121ISBN 0-590-49447-3
13Piano Lessons Can Be MurderNovember 1993None124ISBN 0-590-49448-1
14The Werewolf of Fever SwampDecember 1993Classic Goosebumps #11
Creepy Creatures
123ISBN 0-590-49449-X
15You Can't Scare Me!January 1994Classic Goosebumps #17120ISBN 0-590-49450-3
16One Day at HorrorLandFebruary 1994Classic Goosebumps #5
Terror Trips
Retro Collecters Tin
123ISBN 0-590-47738-2
17Why I'm Afraid of BeesMarch 199425th Anniversary Tin Classic Goosebumps #17117ISBN 0-590-47739-0
18Monster Blood IIApril 1994Monster Blood Collection121ISBN 0-590-47740-4
19Deep TroubleMay 1994Classic Goosebumps #2
Terror Trips
117ISBN 0-590-47741-2
20The Scarecrow Walks at MidnightJune 1994Classic Goosebumps #16
Creepy Creatures
122ISBN 0-590-47742-0
21Go Eat Worms!July 1994None119ISBN 0-590-47743-9
22Ghost BeachAugust 1994Classic Goosebumps #15
Scary Summer
Ghost Edition #3
119ISBN 0-590-47744-7
23Return of the MummySeptember 1994Classic Goosebumps #18118ISBN 0-590-47745-5
24Phantom of the AuditoriumOctober 1994Classic Goosebumps #20126ISBN 0-590-48354-4
25Attack of the MutantNovember 1994None117ISBN 0-590-48355-2
26My Hairiest AdventureDecember 1994None122ISBN 0-590-48350-1
27A Night in Terror TowerJanuary 1995Classic Goosebumps #12
”25th Anniversary Tin
129ISBN 0-590-48351-X
28The Cuckoo Clock of DoomFebruary 1995None118ISBN 0-590-48352-8
29Monster Blood IIIMarch 1995Monster Blood Collection126ISBN 0-590-48347-1
30It Came from Beneath the Sink!April 1995None112ISBN 0-590-48348-X
31Night of the Living Dummy IIMay 1995Classic Goosebumps #25
Living Dummy Collection
Monster Edition #2
120ISBN 0-590-48349-8
32The Barking GhostJune 1995Monster Edition #3117ISBN 0-590-48344-7
33The Horror at Camp JellyjamJuly 1995Classic Goosebumps #9
Scary Summer
Fright Light Edition
128ISBN 0-590-48345-5
34Revenge of the Lawn GnomesAugust 1995Classic Goosebumps #19
Scary Summer
119ISBN 0-590-48346-3
35A Shocker on Shock StreetSeptember 1995Classic Goosebumps #23
Terror Trips
117ISBN 0-590-48340-4
36The Haunted Mask IIOctober 1995Classic Goosebumps #34124ISBN 0-590-56873-6
37The Headless GhostNovember 1995Classic Goosebumps #33113ISBN 0-590-56874-4
38The Abominable Snowman of PasadenaDecember 1995Classic Goosebumps #27
Creepy Creatures
127ISBN 0-590-56875-2
39How I Got My Shrunken HeadJanuary 1996Classic Goosebumps #10119ISBN 0-590-56876-0
40Night of the Living Dummy IIIFebruary 1996Classic Goosebumps #26
Living Dummy Collection
Monster Edition #2
125ISBN 0-590-56877-9
41Bad Hare DayMarch 1996None117ISBN 0-590-56878-7
42Egg Monsters from MarsApril 1996None115ISBN 0-590-56879-5
43The Beast from the EastMay 199625th Anniversary Tin Classic Goosebumps #43118ISBN 0-590-56880-9
44Say Cheese and Die—Again!June 1996None115ISBN 0-590-56881-7
45Ghost CampJuly 1996Campfire Collection
Fright Light Edition
118ISBN 0-590-56882-5
46How to Kill a MonsterAugust 1996None112ISBN 0-590-56883-3
47Legend of the Lost LegendSeptember 199625th Anniversary Tin Classic Goosebumps #47122ISBN 0-590-56884-1
48Attack of the Jack-O'-LanternsOctober 1996Classic Goosebumps #36113ISBN 0-590-56885-X
49Vampire BreathNovember 1996Classic Goosebumps #21114ISBN 0-590-56886-8
50Calling All Creeps!December 1996None116ISBN 0-590-56887-6
51Beware, the SnowmanJanuary 1997None113ISBN 0-590-56888-4
52How I Learned to FlyFebruary 1997None123ISBN 0-590-56889-2
53Chicken, ChickenMarch 1997None112ISBN 0-590-56890-6
54Don't Go to Sleep!April 1997None118ISBN 0-590-56891-4
55The Blob That Ate EveryoneMay 1997Classic Goosebumps #28114ISBN 0-590-56892-2
56The Curse of Camp Cold LakeJune 1997Campfire Collection114ISBN 0-590-56893-0
57My Best Friend Is InvisibleJuly 1997Classic Goosebumps #57114ISBN 0-590-56894-9
58Deep Trouble IIAugust 1997None113ISBN 0-590-56895-7
59The Haunted SchoolSeptember 1997Classic Goosebumps #59120ISBN 0-590-56897-3
60Werewolf SkinOctober 1997None125ISBN 0-590-39053-8
61I Live in Your Basement!November 1997None111ISBN 0-590-39986-1
62Monster Blood IVDecember 1997None118ISBN 0-590-39987-X

Tales to Give You Goosebumps (1994–1997)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Tales to Give You GoosebumpsOctober 1994144ISBN 0-590-62836-4
This book includes the following short stories: "The House of No Return", "Teacher's Pet", "Strained Peas", "Strangers in the Woods", "Good Friends", "How I Won My Bat", "Mr. Teddy", "Click", "Broken Dolls", and "A Vampire in the Neighborhood".
02More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsJuly 1995144ISBN 0-590-26602-0
This book includes the following short stories: "The Werewolf's First Night", "P.S. Don't Write Back", "Something Fishy", "You Gotta Believe Me!", "Suckers!", "Dr. Horror's House of Video", "The Cat's Tale", "Shell Shocker", "Poison Ivy" and "The Spirit of the Harvest Moon".
03Even More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsJune 1996125ISBN 0-590-73909-3
This book includes the following short stories: "The Chalk Closet", "Home Sweet Home", "Don't Wake Mummy", "I'm Telling!", "The Haunted House Game", "Change for the Strange", "The Perfect School", "For the Birds", "Aliens in the Garden" and "The Thumbprint of Doom".
04Still More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsJanuary 1997125ISBN 0-590-73908-5
This book includes the following Halloween-themed short stories: "Pumpkin Juice", "Attack of the Tattoo", "The Wish", "An Old Story", "The Scarecrow", "Awesome Ants", "Please Don't Feed the Bears", "The Goblin's Glare", "Bats About Bats" and "The Space Suit Snatcher".
05More & More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsJune 1997144ISBN 0-590-23795-0
This book includes the following short stories: "The Haunted Guitar", "Tune In Tomorrow", "Live Bait", "Something Strange About Marci", "The Ghost Sitter", "Fun with Spelling", "Matt's Lunch Box", "Stuck in 1957", "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" and "What's Cooking?".
06More & More & More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsOctober 1997144ISBN 0-590-36683-1
This book includes the following Christmas-themed short stories: "Don't Sit on the Gronk", "Nutcracker Nightmare", "The Ice Vampire", "A Holly Jolly Holiday", "Why I Hate Jack Frost", "Marshmallow Surprise", "Monster on the Ice", "The Double-Dip Horror", "Santa's Helpers" and "Attack of the Christmas Present".

Give Yourself Goosebumps (1995–2000)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Escape from the Carnival of HorrorsJuly 1995135ISBN 0-590-55323-2
02Tick Tock, You're Dead!November 1995135ISBN 0-590-56645-8
03Trapped in Bat Wing HallDecember 1995137ISBN 0-590-56646-6
04The Deadly Experiments of Dr. EeekFebruary 1996130ISBN 0-590-67318-1
05Night in Werewolf WoodsApril 1996133ISBN 0-590-67319-X
06Beware of the Purple Peanut ButterJune 1996135ISBN 0-590-67320-3
07Under the Magician's SpellJuly 1996135ISBN 0-590-67321-1
08The Curse of the Creeping CoffinAugust 1996132ISBN 0-590-84765-1
09The Knight in Screaming ArmorSeptember 1996136ISBN 0-590-84766-X
10Diary of a Mad MummyOctober 1996136ISBN 0-590-84767-8
11Deep in the Jungle of DoomNovember 1996136ISBN 0-590-84768-6
12Welcome to the Wicked Wax MuseumDecember 1996137ISBN 0-590-84772-4
13Scream of the Evil GenieJanuary 1997137ISBN 0-590-84773-2
14The Creepy Creations of Professor ShockFebruary 1997135ISBN 0-590-84774-0
15Please Don't Feed the Vampire!March 1997137ISBN 0-590-93477-5
16Secret Agent GrandmaApril 1997131ISBN 0-590-84775-9
17Little Comic Shop of HorrorsMay 1997137ISBN 0-590-93483-X
18Attack of the Beastly BabysitterJune 1997136ISBN 0-590-93485-6
19Escape from Camp Run-For-Your-LifeJuly 1997137ISBN 0-590-93489-9
20Toy Terror: Batteries IncludedAugust 1997137ISBN 0-590-93492-9
21The Twisted Tale of Tiki IslandSeptember 1997137ISBN 0-590-93500-3
22Return to the Carnival of HorrorsOctober 1997137ISBN 0-590-21062-9
23Zapped in SpaceNovember 1997137ISBN 0-590-39774-5
24Lost in Stinkeye SwampDecember 1997134ISBN 0-590-39775-3
25Shop Till You Drop...Dead!January 1998133ISBN 0-590-39776-1
26Alone in Snakebite CanyonMarch 1998137ISBN 0-590-39997-7
27Checkout Time at the Dead-End HotelApril 1998140ISBN 0-590-39998-5
28Night of a Thousand ClawsJune 1998137ISBN 0-590-40034-7
29Invaders from the Big ScreenJuly 1998137ISBN 0-590-40289-7
30You're Plant Food!September 1998136ISBN 0-590-41974-9
31The Werewolf of Twisted Tree LodgeNovember 1998137ISBN 0-590-46306-3
32It's Only a NightmareDecember 1998137ISBN 0-590-76785-2
33It Came from the Internet!February 1999135ISBN 0-590-51665-5
34Elevator to NowhereMarch 1999136ISBN 0-590-51670-1
35Hocus-Pocus HorrorApril 1999137ISBN 0-590-51673-6
36Ship of GhoulsMay 1999137ISBN 0-590-51723-6
37Escape from Horror HouseJuly 1999135ISBN 0-590-51682-5
38Into the Twister of TerrorAugust 1999133ISBN 0-590-51706-6
39Scary Birthday to YouSeptember 1999140ISBN 0-590-99390-9
40Zombie SchoolNovember 1999N/AISBN 0-590-99397-6
41Danger TimeJanuary 2000135ISBN 0-439-12186-8
42All-Day NightmareFebruary 2000137ISBN 0-439-13530-3
Special Edition
01Into the Jaws of DoomFebruary 1998N/AISBN 0-590-39777-X
02Return to Terror TowerMay 1998136ISBN 0-590-39999-3
03Trapped in the Circus of FearAugust 1998131ISBN 0-590-41920-X
04One Night in Payne HouseOctober 1998135ISBN 0-590-43378-4
05The Curse of the Cave CreaturesJanuary 1999136ISBN 0-590-18734-1
06Revenge of the Body SqueezersJune 1999134ISBN 0-590-51674-4
07Trick or....Trapped!October 1999135ISBN 0-590-99393-3
08Weekend at Poison LakeDecember 1999135ISBN 0-590-99652-5

Goosebumps Presents (1996–1998)[edit]

The books in the original Goosebumps series that were made into episodes of the Goosebumps television series were subsequently rereleased in a series called Goosebumps Presents. The main difference between the books in this series and their original publications is that the Goosebumps Presents editions contained photos from the corresponding episodes. 18 books were released from 1996 - 1998.

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01The Girl Who Cried MonsterFebruary 199657ISBN 0-590-74586-7
02The Cuckoo Clock of DoomMay 199656ISBN 0-590-74587-5
03Welcome to Camp NightmareJuly 199668ISBN 0-590-74588-3
04Return of the MummySeptember 199664ISBN 0-590-74589-1
05Night of the Living Dummy IINovember 199656ISBN 0-590-74590-5
06My Hairiest AdventureDecember 199664ISBN 0-590-82519-4
07The Headless GhostDecember 199664ISBN 0-590-93954-8
08Be Careful What You Wish forJanuary 199759ISBN 0-590-93955-6
09Go Eat Worms!February 199756ISBN 0-590-93959-9
10Bad Hare DayMarch 199757ISBN 0-590-93960-2
11Let's Get Invisible!April 199758ISBN 0-590-93968-8
12Attack of the MutantMay 199763ISBN 0-590-93969-6
13Ghost BeachJune 199759ISBN 0-590-29994-8
14You Can't Scare Me!July 199760ISBN 0-590-30663-4
15Monster BloodAugust 199760ISBN 0-590-30547-6
16Attack of the Jack-o'-LanternsOctober 199758ISBN 0-590-37511-3
17Calling All Creeps!December 199764ISBN 0-590-39058-9
18Revenge of the Lawn GnomesFebruary 199864ISBN 0-590-46441-8
19The Blob That Ate EveryoneUnpublished64ISBN 0-590-46441-8

Goosebumps Haunted Library (1996)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AGoosebumps Haunted LibraryOctober 1996NA
This Halloween special edition collection includes the following mini-stories: "Bad Dog", "Don't Make Me Laugh" and "The Halloween Game". Each story was originally available separately in bags of Frito-Lay chips, Hershey's and Pepsi products.

Goosebumps Autobiographies (1997–1998)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01It Came From Ohio! My Life as a Writer by R. L. StineApril 1997144ISBN 978-0-590-36674-8
A best-selling author tells kids everything they ever wanted to know about him--and Goosebumps! What was R.L. Stine like as a kid? How did he start writing books? Where does he get all his scary ideas? These and many more questions are answered in this humorous, fast-paced biography.
02It Came From New Jersey! My Life as an Artist by Tim JacobusFebruary 199859ISBN 978-0-590-10853-9
Packed with 30 full-color pictures of Tim Jacobus' art, this book gives fans an inside look at a day in his life, highlights his road to Goosebumps stardom, and gives budding artists a six-step lesson on drawing Goosebumps spokeskeleton, Curly.

Goosebumps Triple Header (1997–1998)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Three Shocking Tales of Terror Book 1November 1997144ISBN 0-590-35007-2
This book includes the following short stories: "Ghost Granny", "Spin the Wheel of Horror" and "Teenage Sponge Boys from Outer Space".
02Three Shocking Tales of Terror Book 2May 1998176ISBN 0-590-76252-4
This book includes the following short stories: "Ghoul School", "The Revenge" and "The Mummy with My Face".

Goosebumps Series 2000 (1998–2000)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Cry of the CatJanuary 1998119ISBN 0-590-39988-8
02Bride of the Living DummyFebruary 1998122ISBN 0-590-39990-X
03Creature TeacherMarch 1998125ISBN 0-590-39989-6
04Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1April 1998119ISBN 0-590-39991-8
05Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2May 1998120ISBN 0-590-39992-6
06I Am Your Evil TwinJune 1998126ISBN 0-590-39993-4
07Revenge R UsJuly 1998118ISBN 0-590-39994-2
08Fright CampAugust 1998144ISBN 0-590-39995-0
09Are You Terrified Yet?September 1998112ISBN 0-590-39996-9
10Headless HalloweenOctober 1998114ISBN 0-590-76781-X
11Attack of the Graveyard GhoulsNovember 1998121ISBN 0-590-76783-6
12Brain JuiceDecember 1998144ISBN 0-590-76784-4
13Return to HorrorLandJanuary 1999120ISBN 0-590-18733-3
14Jekyll and HeidiFebruary 1999117ISBN 0-590-68517-1
15Scream SchoolMarch 1999117ISBN 0-590-68519-8
16The Mummy WalksApril 1999119ISBN 0-590-68520-1
17The Werewolf in the Living RoomMay 1999116ISBN 0-590-68521-X
18Horrors of the Black RingJune 1999108ISBN 0-590-68522-8
19Return to Ghost CampJuly 1999112ISBN 0-590-68523-6
20Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!August 1999118ISBN 0-590-68524-4
21The Haunted CarSeptember 1999118ISBN 0-590-68529-5
22Full Moon FeverOctober 1999121ISBN 0-590-68530-9
23Slappy's NightmareNovember 1999112ISBN 0-590-68535-X
24Earth Geeks Must Go!December 1999114ISBN 0-590-68537-6
25Ghost in the MirrorJanuary 2000110ISBN 0-439-13535-4
26The Incredible Shrinking Fifth GraderCancelledN/A

Goosebumps Gold (Planned 2001)[edit]

Goosebumps Gold was the follow up of Goosebumps 2000 but was cancelled before any book was published.[7] One of two book series by R. L. Stine that were planned to be released some time in 2001 (the other being The Nightmare Room),[8] these books appeared on series illustrator Tim Jacobus's website[9] and marketing sites but unlike The Nightmare Room series, were never released. In this series, Stine intended to write a sequel to The Haunted Mask II (The Haunted Mask Lives!), a sequel to Welcome to Dead House (Happy Holidays from Dead House) and a sequel to Slappy's Nightmare (Slappy New Year!, a title later used for a Goosebumps HorrorLand book, though Stine has stated that the plot of the Gold and Horrorland books is completely different.).

Goosebumps Graphix (2006–2015)[edit]

This series features artists' interpretations of select books into graphic novels. This series began when R.L Stine starting receiving letters from fans asking him to write more Goosebumps books.

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Creepy CreaturesSeptember 1, 2006144ISBN 0-439-84124-0
This book includes the following graphic novel adaptations: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp adapted by Gabriel Hernandez, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight adapted by Greg Ruth, and The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena adapted by Scott Morse.
02Terror TripsMarch 1, 2007144ISBN 0-439-85780-5
This book includes the following graphic novel adaptations: Deep Trouble adapted by Amy Kim Ganter, One Day at HorrorLand adapted by Jill Thompson and A Shocker on Shock Street adapted by Jamie Tolagson.
03Scary SummerJuly 1, 2007144ISBN 0-439-85782-1
This book includes the following graphic novel adaptations: The Horror at Camp JellyJam adapted by Kyle Baker, Ghost Beach adapted by Ted Naifeh and Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes adapted by Dean Haspiel.
04Slappy's Tales of HorrorAugust 25, 2015176ISBN 0-545-83595-X
This book includes the following graphic novel adaptations: A Shocker on Shock Street adapted by Jamie Tolagson, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp adapted by Gabriel Hernandez, Ghost Beach adapted by Ted Naifeh and Night of the Living Dummy adapted by Dave Roman.

Goosebumps HorrorLand (2008–2012)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AWelcome to HorrorLand: A Survival GuideOctober 12, 2009 (2009-10-12)137ISBN 0-545-09008-3
N–AGoosebumps HorrorLand: Write Your Fright2009 (2009)64ISBN 0-545-33295-8
01Revenge of the Living DummyApril 1, 2008 (2008-04-01)128ISBN 0-439-91869-3
02Creep from the DeepApril 1, 2008 (2008-04-01)137ISBN 0-439-91870-7
03Monster Blood for Breakfast!June 1, 2008 (2008-06-01)137ISBN 0-439-91871-5
04The Scream of the Haunted MaskAugust 1, 2008 (2008-08-01)139ISBN 0-439-91872-3
05Dr. Maniac vs. Robby SchwartzOctober 1, 2008 (2008-10-01)132ISBN 0-439-91873-1
06Who's Your Mummy?January 1, 2009 (2009-01-01)133ISBN 0-439-91874-X
07My Friends Call Me MonsterJanuary 1, 2009 (2009-01-01)138ISBN 0-439-91875-8
08Say Cheese - And Die Screaming!March 1, 2009 (2009-03-01)160ISBN 0-439-91876-6
09Welcome to Camp SlitherApril 15, 2009 (2009-04-15)133ISBN 0-439-91877-4
10Help! We Have Strange Powers!April 15, 2009 (2009-04-15)133ISBN 0-439-91878-2
11Escape From HorrorLandJune 1, 2009 (2009-06-01)132ISBN 0-439-91879-0
12The Streets of Panic ParkJuly 1, 2009 (2009-07-01)136ISBN 0-439-91880-4
13When the Ghost Dog HowlsJanuary 1, 2010 (2010-01-01)160ISBN 0-545-16194-0
14Little Shop of HamstersMarch 1, 2010 (2010-03-01)160ISBN 0-545-16195-9
15Heads, You Lose!May 1, 2010 (2010-05-01)160ISBN 0-545-16196-7
16Weirdo Halloween: Special EditionJuly 1, 2010 (2010-07-01)192ISBN 0-545-16197-5
17The Wizard of OozeSeptember 1, 2010 (2010-09-01)160ISBN 0-545-16198-3
18Slappy New Year!November 1, 2010 (2010-11-01)160ISBN 0-545-16199-1
19The Horror at Chiller HouseJanuary 1, 2011 (2011-01-01)160ISBN 0-545-16200-9
Hall of Horrors
01Claws!March 1, 2011 (2011-03-01)160ISBN 0-545-28933-5
02Night of the Giant EverythingMay 1, 2011 (2011-05-01)160ISBN 0-545-28935-1
03The Five Masks of Dr. Screem: Special EditionJuly 1, 2011 (2011-07-01)192ISBN 0-545-28936-X
04Why I Quit Zombie SchoolOctober 1, 2011 (2011-10-01)160ISBN 0-545-28932-7
05Don't Scream!January 1, 2012 (2012-01-01)160ISBN 0-545-28937-8
06The Birthday Party of No ReturnApril 1, 2012 (2012-04-01)132ISBN 0-545-28938-6

Goosebumps Most Wanted (2012–2016)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AWanted: The Haunted MaskJuly 1, 2012240ISBN 978-0-545-41793-8
01Planet of the Lawn GnomesOctober 1, 2012125ISBN 0-545-41798-8
02Son of SlappyJanuary 1, 2013134ISBN 0-545-41799-6
03How I Met My MonsterApril 1, 2013140ISBN 0-545-41800-3
04Frankenstein's DogJuly 30, 2013136ISBN 0-545-41801-1
05Dr. Maniac Will See You NowSeptember 24, 2013136ISBN 0-545-41802-X
06Creature Teacher: The Final ExamFebruary 25, 2014133ISBN 0-545-62773-7
07A Nightmare on Clown StreetFebruary 24, 2015160ISBN 0-545-62774-5
08Night of the Puppet PeopleSeptember 29, 2015160ISBN 0-545-62775-3
09Here Comes the ShaggedyFebruary 23, 2016160ISBN 0-545-82547-4
10Lizard of OzSeptember 27, 2016160ISBN 0-545-82549-0
Special Edition
01Zombie HalloweenJune 25, 2014174ISBN 0-545-62776-1
02The 12 Screams of ChristmasSeptember 30, 2014192ISBN 978-9-351-03633-3
03Trick or TrapJuly 28, 2015174ISBN 0-545-62778-8
04The HaunterJune 26, 2016174ISBN 0-545-82545-8

Goosebumps movie adaptations (2015–2018)[edit]

These books were released as tie-ins to the Goosebumps film series.

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AThe Movie NovelAugust 25, 2015144ISBN 0-545-82124-X
Zach, 16, has just moved from NYC to a creepy small town. He soon realizes his new neighbor, Hannah (also 16), is in danger. When he tries to rescue her, he accidentally unleashes the monsters created and brought to life by her writer father, R.L. Stine. Now it is up to Zach, Hannah, and Stine to get the monsters back in their books where they belong. Can they stop the monsters... for good?
N–ANight of the Living MonstersAugust 25, 201548ISBN 0-545-82254-8
Zach, 16, has just moved from NYC to a creepy small town. He soon realizes his new neighbor, Hannah (also 16), is in danger. When he tries to rescue her, he accidentally unleashes the monsters created and brought to life by her writer father, R.L. Stine. Now it is up to Zach, Hannah, and Stine to get the monsters back in their books where they belong. Can they stop the monsters... for good?
N–ASlappy's RevengeAugust 25, 201596ISBN 0-545-82125-8
Get inside the twisted but hilarious brain of Slappy, the genius dummy who is undoubtedly R. L. Stine's most nefarious creation! This is Slappy's exclusive tell-all on how to wreak havoc and make mayhem. Kids will learn all his sinister and spooky secrets -- plus Slappy's favorite jokes, quizzes, top-ten lists, and much more. It is everything kids need to make some serious mischief!
N–AMonster Survival GuideAugust 25, 201596ISBN 0-545-82126-6
Let Zach, Hannah, and R. L. Stine introduce you to the monsters from the Goosebumps movie! This survival guide will give kids everything they need to know to fight the dummies, ghosts, and ghoulies if they ever come to their hometown. The book includes the monsters' backstory, likes/dislikes, weaknesses, fears, and much more. It is everything kids need to fight a monster invasion!
N–AActivity BookAugust 25, 201596ISBN 0-545-83609-3
Packed with pictures, puzzles, quizzes, and fill-ins, this monster-sized activity book will put your knowledge of the Goosebumps movie to the test! It has got tons of trivia, games, activities, and much more. Includes one sheet of stickers.
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
N–AMovie NovelAugust 28, 2018160ISBN 1-33829-957-3
Slappy's back! The demented dummy and all his creepy pals are back for this sequel to the hit 2015 Goosebumps movie. Scholastic's junior novelization has all the chills, thrills, and laugh-out-loud horror of the new movie, due in theaters October 12, 2018.
N–ASlappy's ReturnAugust 28, 201848ISBN 1-338-31570-6
Slappy’s back! The demented dummy and all his creepy pals are back for this sequel to the hit 2015 Goosebumps movie. Scholastic’s early reader has all the chills, thrills, and laugh-out-loud horror of the new movie, due in theaters October 12, 2018. Illustrated with 48 pages of color photos from the movie!

Goosebumps SlappyWorld (2017–present)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Slappy Birthday to YouFebruary 28, 2017139ISBN 1-338-06828-8
02Attack of the JackJune 27, 2017137ISBN 1-338-06836-9
03I am Slappy's Evil TwinSeptember 26, 2017129ISBN 1-338-06839-3
04Please Do Not Feed the WeirdoFebruary 27, 2018135ISBN 1-338-06847-4
05Escape From Shudder MansionJune 26, 2018136ISBN 1-338-22299-6
06The Ghost of SlappyAugust 28, 2018133ISBN 1-338-22301-1
07It's Alive! It's Alive!February 26, 2019134ISBN 1-338-22303-8
08The Dummy Meets the MummyJuly 9, 2019142ISBN 1-338-22305-4
09Revenge of the Invisible BoyOctober 1, 2019132ISBN 1-338-35571-6
10Diary of a DummyMarch 3, 2020160ISBN 1-338-35573-2
11They Call Me the Night Howler!July 7, 2020160ISBN 1-338-35575-9
12My Friend SlappyOctober 6, 2020160ISBN 1-338-35577-5
13Monster Blood Is BackMarch 2, 2021160ISBN 1-338-35577-5
14Fifth Grade ZombiesJuly 6, 2021160ISBN 1-338-35577-5
15Judy and the BeastSeptember 7, 2021160ISBN 1-338-35577-5

Misc. Goosebumps books[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AGoosebumps: Official Collector's Caps BookJune 199549ISBN 0-590-60265-9
This book is filled with puzzles, fun facts and trivia about the books and about R.L. Stine.
N–AGoosebumps: Holiday Collector's Caps BookNovember 199548ISBN 0-590-69778-1
This book is filled with puzzles, fun facts and trivia about the books and about R.L. Stine.
N–AGoosebumps Live on Stage: Screams in the NightAugust 199894ISBN 0-545-10165-4
This special limited edition book by R. L. Stine is based on the Goosebumps Live on Stage show written by playwright Rupert Holmes.
N–AWelcome to HorrorLand: A Survival GuideOctober 12, 2009137ISBN 0-545-09008-3
A promotional book filled with HorrorLand facts.
N–AGoosebumps HorrorLand: Write Your Fright200964ISBN 0-545-33295-8
Think you can out-scare the Master of Horror, R.L. Stine? Write your own endings to six of his scariest stories and keep your work safe behind the oozing hand lock, which screams in alarm when opened.
N–AHow to Draw GoosebumpsSeptember 201032ISBN 0-545-24895-7
This instructional book teaches young readers how to draw many of the characters from the Goosebumps series.
N–AWanted: The Haunted MaskJuly 1, 2012240ISBN 978-0-545-41793-8

From horror master R.L. Stine come two new chilling stories in one spooky standalone:

Lu-Ann Franklin usually loves Halloween. Not this year. Her best friend, Devin O'Bannon, is going away for the week. And she has to go to a boring party where nothing exciting could ever happen. But when Lu-Ann comes face-to-face with the Haunted Mask, major trouble lies ahead!

Devin O'Bannon didn't want to leave his best friend Lu-Ann Franklin behind on Halloween. He did not ask to go on this trip. And that was before he heard the strange scratching on his windows and saw the shadows moving around in the fields. Something is out there and it does not seem to want Devin around!

Goosebumps Monster Editions (1995–1997)[edit]

# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
N–AMonster Blood PackSeptember 1995128, 121, 126ISBN 0-590-53770-9
This carded package includes the paperback copies of Monster Blood, Monster Blood II and Monster Blood III. This set also includes a mini-vial of green Monster Blood.
N–AMonster Edition #1October 1995390ISBN 0-590-50995-0
This hardcover set includes the following Goosebumps books: Welcome to Dead House, Stay Out of the Basement and Say Cheese and Die!. This book also contains a scream sound effect feature when opened.
N–AMonster Edition #2October 1996404ISBN 0-590-93371-X
This hardcover set includes the following Goosebumps books: Night of the Living Dummy, Night of the Living Dummy II and Night of the Living Dummy III. The front cover also contains a light-up feature.
N–AFright Light EditionMay 1997394ISBN 0-590-34119-7
This hardcover set includes the following Goosebumps books: Welcome to Camp Nightmare, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam and Ghost Camp. The binding also contains a built-in light feature.
N–AMonster Edition #3September 1997394ISBN 0-590-36673-4
This hardcover set includes the following Goosebumps books: The Ghost Next Door, Ghost Beach and The Barking Ghost. This book also contains a ghost sound effect feature when opened.


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