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Goosebumps Series 2000 is a spin-off of the original Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine. The cover design of the Series 2000 books was different from the original books, though the cover art was again by the same person, Tim Jacobus. There was no back tagline anymore, and the paragraphs at the back were excerpts from the book rather than a short summary of the story as the original books' back covers had. There was another difference with back covers too, as the "Reader Beware, You're In For A Scare!" of the original series was changed to "2000 Times The Scares!" and "Welcome to the new millennium of fear".

The main subject of the covers, the title, and R. L. Stine were printed in raised print, something only Goosebumps Horrorland has other than Series 2000.

Sequels to Goosebumps books[edit]

A few of the Series 2000 books are sequels to original Goosebumps books. Below is a list of those books:

  • Bride of the Living Dummy and Slappy's Nightmare (sequels to Night of the Living Dummy III)
  • Return to HorrorLand (sequel to One Day at HorrorLand)
  • Return to Ghost Camp (sequel to Ghost Camp)

Episodes in the TV series[edit]

The first two books, Cry of the Cat and Bride of the Living Dummy, were adapted for the Goosebumps television show, with the former being a two-part episode.


# Title Original published date Pages ISBN
01Cry of the CatJanuary 1998119ISBN 0-590-39988-8
Allison accidentally kills a vicious cat named Rip who later comes back to life and scratches her. Soon, Allison begins acting like a cat -- and learns that Rip was the product of an immune system experiment gone awry. 
02Bride of the Living DummyFebruary 1998122ISBN 0-590-39990-X
Slappy the Dummy has been found by a young ventriloquist named Jimmy O'James. When Jimmy O'James realizes that his dummy, Slappy, is evil, he gives it to a girl named Jillian Zinman, who is fed up with her sisters Katie and Amanda's ugly, oversized doll, Mary-Ellen. But when strange accidents start to happen in the house and the words, "I want my bride" are found scrawled on her mirror, Jillian and her friend, Harrison, must find out if it's Slappy back to his old tricks or if there's a new evil. 
03Creature TeacherMarch 1998125ISBN 0-590-39989-6
Preteen prankster Paul Perez is sent to a boarding school to straighten out his behavior -- and must save his friends from being listed on the food chain chart of a teacher with a monstrous appetite for bad kids. 
04Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1April 1998119ISBN 0-590-39991-8
Part one of two. UFO enthusiast Jack deals with his creepy neighbor Mr. Fleshman and an alien invasion caused by a meteorite crash. 
05Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2May 1998120ISBN 0-590-39992-6
Conclusion. Jack tries to fight off aliens that possess people by hugging them -- and discovers that Mr. Fleshman is one of them. 
06I Am Your Evil TwinJune 1998126ISBN 0-590-39993-4
Montgomery "Monty" Adams is staying with his scientist uncle in Pittsburgh while his mother is spending a couple months in Southeast Asia. Luckily for Monty, his cousin Nan is the same age as him and the two get along swimmingly -- until Monty discovers that he's the product of a cloning experiment and an evil clone is out to take over his life. 
07Revenge R UsJuly 1998118ISBN 0-590-39994-2
Wade Brill is constantly tortured by her 17-year-old brother Micah. When Micah backs his car over Wade's bike, she decides to go to "Revenge R Us", a strange place where people can pay to get their revenge on others, but soon discovers a flaw in her plans. 
08Fright CampAugust 1998144ISBN 0-590-39995-0
Andrew and his brother Tyler love R.B. Farraday's scary movies, and are invited to spend the summer at a camp based on the director's horror films, but soon discover that the film frights may be based on reality. 
09Are You Terrified Yet?September 1998112ISBN 0-590-39996-9
A cowardly boy named Craig Morgenstern must maintain his reputation for bravery after allegedly saving a baby from a car accident and moving to a new town, but that proves to be difficult, when the local bullies force him to prove that he is not a wimp -- by sticking his hand in a jar of live spiders and spending the night in the town's mortuary
10Headless HalloweenOctober 1998114ISBN 0-590-76781-X
Brandon Plush, a young boy who lives to terrorize the young and innocent, is planning on trashing a mean teacher's house on Halloween, but when the prank backfires, Brandon finds himself in a strange neighborhood run by a headless ghost who wants Brandon to do three good deeds to be able to leave. 
11Attack of the Graveyard GhoulsNovember 1998121ISBN 0-590-76783-6
Spencer Levy has an out-of-body experience, courtesy of a ghoul who possesses his body as punishment for knocking over his tombstone during a school field trip
12Brain JuiceDecember 1998144ISBN 0-590-76784-4
Nathan Kyling and Lindy Gomez, step-siblings known for being the stupidest kids in school, drink a brain energizer left behind by two aliens in search of intelligent human life for their intergalactic master. 
13Return to HorrorLandJanuary 1999120ISBN 0-590-18733-3
Lizzy, Luke, and Clay from "One Day in Horrorland" return to the monstrous amusement park as part of a plan to reveal Horrorland's existence on a tabloid news show -- and soon discover that the reporters they trust aren't who they seem. 
14Jekyll and HeidiFebruary 1999117ISBN 0-590-68517-1
An orphaned girl named Heidi Davison moves in with her uncle, Dr. Jekyll, who is being targeted by the townspeople for being behind many late-night scares due to a potion that brings out the evil in people
15Scream SchoolMarch 1999117ISBN 0-590-68519-8
Jake Banyon, the son of Scream School director Emory Banyon, sets out to scare his father after being traumatized by a sadistic practical joke on his 13th birthday. 
16The Mummy WalksApril 1999119ISBN 0-590-68520-1
A routine trip to Florida is revealed to be a case of international intrigue and horror as Michael Clarke is sent to the fictitious, war-torn Middle-Eastern country known as Jezekiah, who have been waiting for the day that the prince will return with information on the location of a cursed mummy
17The Werewolf in the Living RoomMay 1999116ISBN 0-590-68521-X
Aaron Freidus and his dad are hunters who capture an innocent man named Ben who may be a werewolf who has terrorized the town, but when Aaron begins having dreams of bloodshed and death, he discovers that he could be the culprit. 
18Horrors of the Black RingJune 1999108ISBN 0-590-68522-8
When Beth Evans' favorite teacher is arrested for kidnapping Beth's little sister at the school carnival, Beth discovers a ring with a ghoulish face on it and keeps it, which brings out the evil in anyone who wears it. 
19Return to Ghost CampJuly 1999112ISBN 0-590-68523-6
While on a bus ride to Camp Spirit Moon, Dustin befriends a boy named Ari who suggests that the two switch places, which makes Dustin (as Ari) the most popular kid in the camp -- until he learns that a boy named Ari has been named the camp's newest sacrifice to a forest monster known as "The Snatcher". 
20Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!August 1999118ISBN 0-590-68524-4
A three-part tale in which three sets of friends find a card game called "Be Afraid," which unleashes medieval monsters and sucks its players into its world. 
21The Haunted CarSeptember 1999118ISBN 0-590-68529-5
Mitchell Moinian's family just bought a new car which was last driven by a girl who died in an accident from a joyride. The only problem is, the girl's spirit still haunts the car and is looking at Mitchell to ride shotgun with her into the afterlife. 
22Full Moon FeverOctober 1999121ISBN 0-590-68530-9
On Halloween night, Robbie and Alesha succumb to an illness called "Full-Moon Fever," which turns anyone who looks at the full moon into ravenous, snarling beasts. Robbie and Alesha go on a journey to find a cure -- only to discover that their illness is really a curse
23Slappy's NightmareNovember 1999112ISBN 0-590-68535-X
After ruining yet another one of his ventriloquist acts, Jimmy O'James decides to get rid of Slappy the Dummy and get a new dummy named Wally, his identical twin brother who was carved from the same coffin. Wally tells O'James how to control Slappy's evil, by forcing him to do three good deeds within a week. Slappy is given to a little girl and must do the deeds or get put to sleep forever. Wally, being even more evil than Slappy, sabotages them in order to get him out of the way. 
24Earth Geeks Must Go!December 1999114ISBN 0-590-68537-6
Self-proclaimed average boy Jacob Miller finds himself on a planet that seems to be like Earth, but is really a backwards alien planet with the population bent on capturing "Earth geeks." 
25Ghost in the MirrorJanuary 2000110ISBN 0-439-13535-4
Jason Sloves finally gets new furniture for his room, including a mirror that serves as a portal to a dimension of body-snatching crab people. 
26The Incredible Shrinking 5th GraderCancelledN/A
When 11-year-old Steven Sweeney is tricked into drinking a strange mixture of chemicals, things begin to get strange, as he starts shrinking and must navigate his way through gigantic dust bunnies, enormous birds, and other once seemingly harmless, everyday items to get to his best friend's house for help. 

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