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This list of JVM Languages comprises notable computer programming languages that are used to produce software that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Some of these languages are interpreted by a Java program, and some are compiled to Java bytecode and JIT-compiled during execution as regular Java programs to improve performance.

The JVM was initially designed to support only the Java programming language. However, as time passed, ever more languages were adapted or designed to run on the Java platform.

High-profile languages[edit]

Apart from the Java language itself, the most common or well-known JVM languages are:

JVM languages[edit]

JVM implementations of existing languages[edit]

Language Java implementations
BBx BBj is a superset of BBx, PRO/5, and Visual PRO/5.
C C to Java Virtual Machine compilers[2]
CFML Adobe ColdFusion
Open BlueDragon
Common Lisp Armed Bear Common Lisp[3]
JavaScript Rhino
Oberon Component Pascal
Pascal Free Pascal
Perl 6 Rakudo Perl 6
Prolog JIProlog
Python Jython
REXX NetRexx
Ruby JRuby
Scheme Bigloo
Tcl Jacl

New languages with JVM implementations[edit]

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