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Knight Rider Season 3
Knight Rider season 3 DVD.png
DVD box
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original network NBC
Original release September 30, 1984 (1984-09-30) – May 5, 1985 (1985-05-05)
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List of Knight Rider (1982 TV series) episodes

The third season of Knight Rider, an American television series, began September 30, 1984, and ended on May 5, 1985. It aired on NBC. The region 1 DVD was released on January 31, 2006.[1]

This season saw KITT gain a new dash and abilities, Patricia McPherson returned as Bonnie Barstow and would remain for the remainder of the series. Michael and Devon had also become close friends as well as associates by this point, trusting one another enough to work and conspire in secret together without notifying KITT or Bonnie ("Knight in Disgrace"). KITT's renegade prototype KARR finally resurfaced.



No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
"Knight of the Drones" Sidney Hayers Robert Foster & Gerald Sanford September 30, 1984 (1984-09-30) 58675

Michael meets up with Bonnie at a university research center in San Francisco to convince her to return to the Foundation. Elsewhere, a criminal mastermind named Margo Sheridan rounds up high-tech criminals, one a criminal from prison (whose escape they arrange by use of a remote control drone car), one an electrician on probation with alarm system expertise, and Bonnie's college advisor, David Halston (Jared Martin) to commit a robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank. In the process of investigating Sheridan, KITT is ambushed and severely damaged by a missile deployed from a drone car built by Ralston. Before being damaged, KITT ejects Michael to safety. Bonnie rebuilds KITT. giving him new improvements including the newly designed dashboard. Inspecting a chip removed from one of Halston's drone cars, Bonnie realizes her advisor Halston is one of the Masterminds related to several crimes that recently occurred, and is kidnapped by Sheridan's henchmen, Clifton and Turk. After Michael uses KITT to electrocute Clifton and Turk, they reveal where Halston is hiding Bonnie. When they go to that location with the Police, they find she is not there, nor is Halston. Michael then uses reverse psychology to get Clifton and Turk to believe a squirt gun he has is a pain enducer, and they reveal that Halston wanted maps of Chinese tunnels that once were in the area. Later, the escaped convict and electrician realize the direction Halston has them digging in is not towards the bank, but towards the vault of a weapons company, where Halston reveals a weapon he developed was stored, and was stealing it to sell it to the highest bidder. He kills the convict and the electrician. Later, Michael faces off with Sheridan, Halston, and his robotic drone cars that he unleashes to eliminate him.

  • Originally shown as a feature length episode, but was later cut into 2 separate episodes in syndication.
49 3 "The Ice Bandits" Georg Fenady Gerald Sanford October 7, 1984 (1984-10-07) 58603
Michael infiltrates a monastery that diamond thieves are using as a front for a clinic that specializes in plastic surgery. For humour, Michael and KITT also (briefly) encounter a donkey named Kit, much to KITT's displeasure.
50 4 "Knights of the Fast Lane" Winrich Kolbe Richard C. Okie October 14, 1984 (1984-10-14) 58601
When Michael's friend gets into a coma, Michael investigates the crime. Later, Michael finds out she was involved with a Bonzai race. When Michael accepts a Bonsai Racing challenge against a murderous sports car driver/football team owner. He bets KITT, to be the prize.
51 5 "Halloween Knight" Winrich Kolbe Bill Nuss October 28, 1984 (1984-10-28) 58624
After witnessing a murder, Bonnie is haunted by strange happenings staged to run her out of her apartment, like witnessing a gorilla murdering a neighbor lady and a floating pumpkin talking backwards in her apartment's bathroom mirror.
52 6 "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R." Winrich Kolbe Richard C. Okie November 4, 1984 (1984-11-04) 58617

A young beachcombing couple, John Stanton (a marine mechanic) and his girlfriend Mandy, discover a all black car with a amber/yellow scan light bar and yellow voice module called KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) that is similar to KITT buried in the sand. John fetches his truck and pulls the similar car which is now similar to KITT out which then activates on its own. Before taking the ride for a spin, John promises Mandy he'll take it to the police, but KARR now voiced by (Paul Frees), who blew up before the end of "Trust Doesn't Rust", reveals himself and convinces John to hide him. Elsewhere, KITT and Michael pick up a strange signal identical to one used by KITT. They track the source and find KARR alive and well. The duo give chase but KARR gets away. Later, John hides KARR at the marina while Michael does legwork around town to find him. John's boss Eddie scolds him for leaving a marina truck by the beach. He tells John he would take $10,000 down for his business. Later, Michael gets suspicious when he meets Mandy and senses she may be lying about her boyfriend who slips out the back when he arrives. Meanwhile, KARR tampers with Eddie's pacemaker. Eddie has a heart attack and while in the hospital tells John he want to sell his business to him for $5,000 down. John says he doesn't have that kind of money, but KARR convinces him to steal it with his help. KARR decides to get some parts from the Knight Mobile Unit. KARR and John Turbo Boost into the trailer and find Bonnie and Devon working on the laser used against him to stop him the first time, and John takes it. After John later modifies KARR's appearance with a black and silver two tone with amber/yellow scan light bar and yellow voice module to differ from KITT (voiced by Willam Daniels) who is 100% all Black with red scan light bar and red voice module. KARR tampers with an ATM and gives John the money. Later, Eddie recovers, and John gives him the money for his business, and Eddie demands to know where and how John got the money. John shows him KARR, and when KARR talks, Eddie is amazed, and tells John they could use KARR to get rich by knocking off "bigger targets" like an armored truck full of gold. Eddie explains to KARR that gold equals money, which means parts and a mechanic to keep KARR running. KARR concedes, but John wants no part of it and walks. KARR tells Eddie to let him go. Soon, KITT and Michael arrive, and KARR escapes once again. Later, KARR imitates John's voice to lure Mandy to get inside him and he kidnaps her. He then tortures her until John agrees to help him rob the armored truck. However, the armored truck job is a ruse to lure KITT and Michael to a ravine so KARR can finish off his nemesis for good.

Note: Starting with this episode, KARR is now voiced by Paul Frees
53 7 "The Rotten Apples" Bob Bralver Gerald Sanford & Peter L. Dixon November 11, 1984 (1984-11-11) 58611
Michael helps a psychologist who has a ranch for troubled kids, and is being run out by angry townsfolk and corrupt sheriffs. As Michael investigates further, he learns that the ranch sits above a deposit of minerals worth millions.
54 8 "Knight in Disgrace" Harvey Laidman Simon Muntner November 18, 1984 (1984-11-18) 58622

In this episode, Michael is suspended, for his behavior, and FLAG searches for a replacement for him. Michael gains a crime lord's trust by pretending to be a drug dealer, but the boss (John Considine) sends him to steal an electronic key from Devon. KITT, who is made unaware of Michael's scheme, refuses to help, believing Michael has really turned criminal. Michael ends up shooting Devon to get the key and manually driving KITT. to get to the "vault."

Guest stars: Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead)
55 9 "Dead of Knight" Bernard L. Kowalski Story by: Janis Hendler & Tom Greene
Teleplay by: Peter Baloff & David W. Wallert
December 2, 1984 (1984-12-02) 58607
A young dancer ingests a poison meant for Michael. She dies as a result, and Michael investigates to find out why. He races to save his own life by finding the assassin in Mexico and recovering an antidote after being injected with the poison. KITT uses a new comedy sub-routine to keep Michael alive when pursuing the antidote.
56 10 "Lost Knight" Sidney Hayers Robert Foster & James M. Miller December 9, 1984 (1984-12-09) 58619
Michael and KITT. become separated after an explosion damages KITT.'s memory. KITT wanders around aimlessly until a young boy (played by a young Jason Bateman) finds and befriends him. The boy however, is being pursued by a gang of thieves and KITT tries to protect him.
57 11 "Knight of the Chameleon" Winrich Kolbe Robert Sherman December 30, 1984 (1984-12-30) 58631
Michael pursues a master of disguise known as the "Chameleon" (Dick Gautier), who has stolen a secret jet pack from the military.
58 12 "Custom Made Killer" Harvey Laidman Burton Armus January 6, 1985 (1985-01-06) 58640
Michael hunts down a customized car and its killer driver who have been hired by an extortionist wanting to bring down a garment trading business and eliminate his competition.
59 13 "Knight by a Nose" Bernard McEveety William Elliot January 13, 1985 (1985-01-13) 58604
Michael investigates the death of a prize race horse which he suspects is a cover up by the owner to get out of an enormous gambling debt.
60 14 "Junk Yard Dog" Georg Fenady Calvin Clements Jr. February 3, 1985 (1985-02-03) 58641
Michael tries to expose the illegal activities of an owner (Ramon Bieri) of a toxic waste dump. KITT is dumped into and destroyed in an acid pit and rebuilt, but he must face his fears. With Michael's help, he regains his spirit and goes for the final showdown against the waste dump owner, who is trying to burn the dump to the ground.
61 15 "Buy Out" Jeffrey Hayden George S. Dinallo February 10, 1985 (1985-02-10) 58643
Hoping to expose a saboteur, Michael volunteers to drive a high-tech armored limo while the developers test it against a missile strike.
62 16 "Knightlines" Charles Watson Sanford Richard C. Okie March 3, 1985 (1985-03-03) 58644
Michael investigates the after hours death of a worker on a construction site. An international criminal plans to blow up a Government space weapons platform upon its completion.
63 17 "The Nineteenth Hole" Georg Fenady Gerald Sanford & Robert Foster March 10, 1985 (1985-03-10) 58627
Michael infiltrates a rally race to investigate death threats made against the race sponsor.
64 18 "Knight & Knerd" Georg Fenady Larry Mollin March 17, 1985 (1985-03-17) 58630
A nerdy kid helps Michael rescue a scientist's daughter from criminals who also steal the scientist's advanced laser weapon.
65 19 "Ten Wheel Trouble" Bob Bralver Burton Armus March 24, 1985 (1985-03-24) 58645
Michael helps a convoy of truckers fight a ruthless takeover by a rival corporation.
66 20 "Knight in Retreat" Roy Campanella II Gerald Sanford March 29, 1985 (1985-03-29) 58642
Michael poses as a scientist to infiltrate a club operated by a woman (Ann Turkel) who deals in stolen space weapon technology.
67 21 "Knight Strike" Georg Fenady George S. Dinallo April 5, 1985 (1985-04-05) 58647

Michael infiltrates a survivalist convention where stolen laser weapons are being sold. Judy Landers makes her second Knight Rider appearance.

Guest stars: Jack O'Halloran (Non from the movies Superman and Superman II)
68 22 "Circus Knights" Harvey Laidman David R. Toddman May 5, 1985 (1985-05-05) 58633
Michael and KITT join a circus as a daredevil act in order to discover who is forcing them into bankruptcy.


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