List of Memorial University of Newfoundland people

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This is a list of people involved with Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Name Years in Office Citation
The Rt. Hon. Viscount Rothermere of Hemsted 1952-1961
The Rt. Hon. Lord Thomson of Fleet 1961-1968
G. Alain Frecker 1971-1979
Paul Desmarais 1979-1988
His Honour the Honourable John C. Crosbie 1994-2008
Rick Hillier 2008-


  1. John Lewis Paton, 1925-1933
  2. Albert Hatcher, 1933-1952
  3. Raymond Gushue, 1952-1966
  4. Moses Morgan, 1966-1967
  5. The Rt. Hon. the Lord Taylor of Harlow, 1967-1973
  6. Moses Morgan, 1973-1981
  7. Leslie Harris, 1981 - 1990
  8. Arthur May, 1990-1999
  9. Axel Meisen, 1999-2007
  10. Eddy Campbell, 2007-2009
  11. Christopher Loomis, 2009-2010
  12. Gary Kachanoski, 2010 - Current


Notable alumni[edit]

Academics and scholars[edit]


Politics and government[edit]

Film and television[edit]

Press and literature[edit]

Art and music[edit]


Notable Faculty, past and present[edit]

University Research Professors[edit]

(Note: "University Research Professor" is the name for MUN's highest academic honour. One can be a full professor, even conducting research, at the university without being a "University Research Professor.")

  • Harold Williams – geologist and world expert on the tectonics of mountain belts
  • Ian Jordaan (engineer) - engineer and world expert on design of offshore structures in harsh environments

Other faculty[edit]

Rhodes Scholars[edit]

Honorary degree recipients[edit]


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