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This is a chronological list of notable classical Portuguese composers.

Middle Ages[edit]

  • King Dinis I, King of Portugal, composer and troubadour. He composed more than 200 cantigas.
  • José Mendes Figueira (brother of Carlos Mendes Figueira) (1224–1269), composer and troubadour
  • Carlos Mendes Figueira (brother of José Mendes Figueira) (1228–1286), composer and flutist
  • João Gonçalves Miguel de Silves (1346–1389), duke of Silves and Loulé, composer and troubadour



Classical period[edit]

  • Pedro António Avondano (1714–1782), composer and organist (the first Portuguese composer of the Classical period)
  • João Pedro de Almeida Mota (1744–1817), Portuguese composer, worked in Spain for many years, where he died. His works are scattered by these two countries.
  • José Joaquim dos Santos (1747–1801), composer (famous for his religious music: Stabat Mater for three voices, 2 sopranos, bass, with 2 violins and violoncello and the 5 Misereres)
  • João José Baldi (1770–1816), composer (famous for his operas) and pianist
  • João Domingos Bomtempo (1775–1842), pianist, composer and pedagogue
  • Marcos Portugal (1762–1830), composer (famous for his operas) and maestro at Teatro S. Carlos in Lisbon
  • Peter IV of Portugal (1798–1836), King of Portugal and Emperor of Brazil who was also a composer (pupil of Marcos Portugal and Nunes Garcia, as well as Sigismund Von Neucomm, a pupil of Haydn).

Romanticism – early 20th century[edit]



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