List of churches in Troms

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Map of the church deaneries in Troms county:
  Nord-Troms prosti
  Tromsø domprosti
  Indre Troms prosti
  Senja prosti
  Trondenes prosti

This list of churches in Troms is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Troms county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland. The list is divided into five sections, one for each Deanery (prosti) in the diocese. Administratively within each deanery, the churches are divided by municipalities which have their own church council (fellesråd) and then into parishes (sokn) which have their own councils (soknerådet). Each parish may have one or more congregations in it.[1]

Tromsø domprosti[edit]

This arch-deanery is home to the Tromsø Cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland. Tromsø domprosti covers two municipalities in Troms county, all of which surround the town of Tromsø where the deanery is headquartered. Administratively, Svalbard is also part of the Tromsø domprosti.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Karlsøy Karlsøy Helgøy Church Helgøya 1742
Karlsøy Church Karlsøya 1854
Ringvassøy Church Hansnes 1977 Ringvassøy kirke.jpg
Sengskroken Church Vanna 1962 Sengskroken kapell.jpg
Tromsø Tromsø Domkirken Tromsø Cathedral Tromsø 1861 85670 Tromsø domkirke kirkested.jpg
Elverhøy Elverhøy Church Tromsø 1803 Elverhøy kirke.JPG
Grønnåsen Grønnåsen Church Tromsø 1996 Grønnåsen kirke.JPG
Hillesøy Hillesøy Church Brensholmen,
1889 Hillesøy kirke - Side P2.jpg
Kroken Kroken Church Kroken 2006 Kroken Church (2014).jpg
Kvaløy Kvaløy Church Kaldfjord 1962 Kvaløy church.JPG
Tromsøysund Arctic Cathedral Tromsdalen 1965 Arctic Cathedral.JPG
Ullsfjord Lakselvbukt Church Lakselvbukt 1983 Lakselvbukt Church side view (2014).jpg
Ullsfjord Church Sjursnes 1862 Ullsfjord kirke.jpg
Jøvik Chapel Jøvik 1920
Svalbard* Svalbard Svalbard Church Longyearbyen 1958 Longyearbyen-Church-2006.jpg
*Note: Svalbard is not in Troms county, but it is part of the Tromsø domprosti.

Indre Troms prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in southeastern part of Troms county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Bardufoss in Målselv municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Balsfjord Balsfjord Balsfjord Church Balsfjord 1856 Balsfjord church.JPG
Nordkjosbotn Church Nordkjosbotn 1987 NH BD Nordkjosbotn kirke1.jpg
Storsteinnes Chapel Storsteinnes 1968 Storsteinnes kapell.jpg
Malangen Malangen Church Mortenhals 1853 Malangen church balsfjord.JPG
Mestervik Chapel Mestervik 1968 Meistervik kapell (1).jpg
Bardu Bardu Bardu Church Setermoen 1829 Bardu kirke (2).jpg
Nedre Bardu Chapel Brandmoen 1981
Øvre Bardu Chapel Sørdalen 1971
Salangsdalen Chapel Salangsdalen 1981
Lavangen Lavangen Lavangen Church Soløy 1891
Målselv Målselv Målselv Church Målselv 1978 Målselv kirke (3).jpg
Øverbygd Øverbygd Church Øverbygd 1867 Øverbygd kyrkje.jpg
Kirkesnesmoen Chapel Kirkesnesmoen 1977
Salangen Salangen Salangen Church Sjøvegan 1981
Elvenes Chapel Elvenes 1959

Nord-Troms prosti[edit]

This deanery covers six municipalities in the northern part of Troms county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Storslett in Nordreisa municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Gáivuotna–Kåfjord Kåfjord Kåfjord Church Olderdalen 1949 Kåfjord kirke.JPG
Kvænangen Kvænangen Burfjord Church Burfjord 2009
Sekkemo Church Sekkemo 1956
Skorpa Church Skorpa 1850
Lyngen Lyngen Lyngen Church Lyngseidet 1782 Lyngen kyrkje Lindahl.jpeg
Lenangsøyra Chapel Lyngmo 1996
Nordreisa Nordreisa Nordreisa Church Storslett 1856
Rotsund Chapel Rotsund 1932
Skjervøy Skjervøy Arnøy Church Arnøyhamn 1978
Skjervøy Church Skjervøya 1728 Skjervoey Norwegen Kirche.jpg
Storfjord Storfjord Storfjord Church Hatteng 1952
Skibotn Chapel Skibotn 1895 Skibotn Church 2010.JPG

Senja prosti[edit]

This deanery covers six municipalities on and around the island of Senja in Troms county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Finnsnes in Lenvik.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Berg Berg Berg Church Skaland 1955
Finnsæter Chapel Finnsæter 1982
Mefjordvær Chapel Mefjordvær 1916
Dyrøy Dyrøy Dyrøy Church Holm 1880 Dyrøy kirkested i Dyrøy kommune, Troms.jpg
Brøstad Chapel Brøstadbotn 1937
Lenvik Lenvik Finnsnes Church Finnsnes 1979 Finnsnes (church).jpg
Lenvik Church Bjorelvnes 1879 Lenvik kirke from Gibostad.jpg
Rossfjord Church Rossfjordstraumen 1822 Rossfjord kirke (4).jpg
Fjordgård Chapel Fjordgård 1976 Fjordgard 047.jpg
Gibostad Chapel Gibostad 1939 Gibostad kapell (3).jpg
Husøy Chapel Husøy i Senja 1957
Lysbotn Chapel Lysnes 1970 Lysbotn kapell.jpg
Sandbakken Chapel Sandbakken 1974 Sandbakken kapell (5).jpg
Sørreisa Sørreisa Sørreisa Church Tømmervika 1992 Sørreisa church.jpg
Skøelv Chapel Skøelva 1966
Straumen Chapel Sørreisa 1973
Torsken Torsken Torsken Church Torsken 1784 Torsken-Old-Church.jpg
Flakkstadvåg Chapel Flakstadvåg 1925
Gryllefjord Chapel Gryllefjord 1902 Gryllefjord kapell.JPG
Medby Chapel Medby 1890
Tranøy Tranøy Stonglandet Church Stonglandseidet 1896
Tranøy Church Tranøya 1775 Tranoey.jpg
Skrolsvik Chapel Skrollsvika 1924
Vangsvik Chapel Vangsvik 1975

Trondenes prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in the southwestern part of Troms county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Harstad in Harstad municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Gratangen Gratangen Gratangen Church Årstein 1971
Harstad Bjarkøy og Sandsøy Bjarkøy Church Nergården 1766 Bjarkøy kirke-1 (Bjarkøya).jpg
Sandsøy Church Sandsøya 1888 Sandsøy Church 2011.jpg
Grytøy Grøtavær Church Grøtavær 1915
Lundenes Church Lundenes 1974
Harstad Harstad Church Harstad 1958 Harstad kirke.JPG
Kanebogen Kanebogen Church Kanebogen 1999 Kanebogen kirke2.JPG
Sandtorg Gausvik Church Gausvik 1979 Gausvik kirke 02.JPG
Sandtorg Church Sørvika 1932 SandtorgKirke.jpg
Trondenes Trondenes Church Trondenes 1400s 14 Trondens Medieval church 2.jpg
Elgsnes Chapel Elgsnes 1985 Elgsnes kapell.jpg
Ibestad Andørja Andørja Church Engenes 1914
Ibestad Ibestad Church Hamnvik 1881 Ibestad kirke.JPG
Sørrollnes Chapel Sørrollnes 1976
Kvæfjord Kvæfjord Kvæfjord Church Borkenes 1867 Kvæfjord kirke.jpg
Langvassbukt Chapel Langvassbukta 1981 Langvassbukt Chapel 2013.jpg
Skånland Astafjord Astafjord Church Grov 1978
Skånland Skånland Church Evenskjer 1901
Tovik Tovik Church Tovik 1905


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