List of extinct indigenous peoples of Russia

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This is a list of extinct indigenous peoples of Russia. The list doesn't include Ancient or classical historical tribes in the period of 4000 BC to 500 AD. List does include tribes of Russia from 500 AD to 1519 AD the Middle Ages. List also includes Endangered groups for comparison that for all intents and purposes will become extinct such as facing Extinction vortex 500 members or less by 2002 Census so we will have to check back in here in a future census to see how they are faring in the census.

A general map of Russian territory before the beginning of the Slavic colonization.


Slavic migration began in the 6th century and some of indigenous peoples who lived in European Russia and Siberia assimilated by the Russians.

Endangered as of 2002 to present[edit]

Endangered as of 2010 Russian Census[edit]

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