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This is a list of forts and camps in California, established by military, commercial and other interests.


Name Location County Date Founded Date Abandoned Founded by
Alcatraz Island[1] San Francisco Bay San Francisco November 6, 1850 1934 United States Army
Camp Alert Pioneer Race Course San Francisco 1862 1865 Union Army
Fort Anderson Redwood Creek Humboldt 1862
Union Army
Fort Baker near Bridgeville Humboldt March 23, 1862 November 1863 Union Army
Lime Point Military Reservation
Fort Baker
Fort Barry
Fort Cronkhite
Golden Gate National Recreation Area Marin 1850
United States
Bolsa Chica Military Reservation Huntington Beach Los Angeles 1942 1948? United States
Benicia Arsenal[2]
Benicia Barracks
Benicia Quartermaster Depot
Benicia Solano County April 9, 1849 1964 United States Army
Fort Bragg[3][4]
Camp Bragg
Fort Bragg Mendocino Summer 1857 1864 United States Army
Camp Burlington[5]
Camp Burlington-Humboldt
Camp Stephens Grove
Camp Dyerville
near Dyerville on the Eel River Humboldt 1933 1942 Civilian Conservation Corps
Camp Cap Eele
Drum Barracks
Camp Drum
Fort Drum
Camp San Pedro
Wilmington Depot
Wilmington Los Angeles 1861 1871 Union Army
Fort Emory Coronado San Diego 1942 1947 United States Army
Cantonment Far West[6]
Camp Far West
Fort Far West
Marysville (Bear Creek) Yuba September 28, 1849 May 4, 1852 United States Army
Fort Funston Lake Merced Military Reservation San Francisco 1939 1963 United States Army
Fort Gaston Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation Humboldt December 4, 1859 June 29, 1892 United States Army
Camp Grant[7] near Dyerville on the Eel River Humboldt October 1863 about 1865 Union Army
Fort Humboldt Eureka Humboldt 1853 1866 United States Army
Fort Hunter Liggett
Fort Iaqua Iaqua Humboldt August 5, 1863 1866 Union Army
Fort Irwin near Barstow San Bernardino 1940 United States Army
Fort Jones Fort Jones Siskiyou October 18, 1852 June 23, 1858 United States Army
Camp Lincoln just west of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park Del Norte County, California September 1862 1870 Union Army
United States Army
Camp Low San Juan Bautista San Benito 1864 1865 Union Army
Fort MacArthur
White Point Military Reservation
San Pedro Los Angeles 1888 (Still in use) United States Army
Fort McDowell Angel Island San Francisco 1901 1962 United States Army
Fort Miley Military Reservation Point Lobos, San Francisco San Francisco 1898 1949 United States Army
Camp Barbour[8]
Camp Miller
Fort Miller
Millerton Lake Fresno May 26, 1851 December 1, 1866 United States Army
Presidio of Monterey Monterey Monterey 1768 still in use by US New Spain
New San Diego Depot
San Diego Barracks
New San Diego San Diego 1850
April 5, 1879
United States Army
Camp No. 27
Fort Ord Monterey Monterey 1917 September, 1994 United States Army
Camp Roberts
Fort Ross Jenner Sonoma 1812 1841 Russian-American Company
Fort Sacramento
Presidio of San Diego San Diego San Diego 1769 1835 Spain
Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco 1776 1994 Spain
Camp Merriam
Camp San Luis Obispo
halfway between the cities of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo 1928 - United States Army
Presidio of Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Barbara 1782 1846 Spain
Fort Point San Francisco San Francisco 1794 1970 Spain
Fort Reading Redding Shasta May 26, 1852 April 6, 1870 United States Army
Fort Rosecrans San Diego San Diego 1852 United States Army
Fort Seward Fort Seward Humboldt September 25, 1861 April, 1862 Union Army
Fort Tejon Grapevine Canyon Kern June 24, 1854 September 11, 1864 United States Army
Fort Ter-Waw Klamath Glen Del Norte October 12, 1857 June 10, 1862 United States Army
Camp Wessels
Camp at Nome Cult Indian Agency
Fort Wright
Camp Wright
Round Valley Reservation Mendocino 1858
United States Army
Union Army
United States Army
Fort Winfield Scott San Francisco San Francisco 1852 1995 United States Army
Fort Yuma across the Colorado River from Yuma, Arizona Imperial November 27, 1850 1885 United States Army

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