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The following is a list of minor characters from The Mighty Boosh, including characters from the television series, the radio series, and the various stage shows. For significant recurring characters see List of recurring characters from The Mighty Boosh.


Aboriginal Shaman[edit]

In the episode "Killeroo",[1] he appears in a dream to Vince to show him how Howard can beat Killeroo. Played by Peter Kyriacou.


Appears in "Nanageddon".[2] One of the goth girls that Howard and Vince attempt to impress. Played by Dee Plume.

Ape of Death[edit]

Appears in "Bollo".[3] Vince teaches The Ape of Death about hair products in exchange for Howard's soul. Played by Rich Fulcher.



Appears in "Call of the Yeti".[4] A Welsh shaman, whom Naboo meets in Shamansbury's, a spoof on Sainsbury's. Barry has recently upgraded his familiar from a black cat to a bat named Chrissie. Played by Noel Fielding.


Appears in "Fountain of Youth".[5] The fittest, strongest and fastest in the land, Banoo was originally intended to go to Earth from Xooberon instead of Naboo. Unfortunately, he always arrives slightly too late. Played by Ramon Tikaram.

The Betamax Bandit[edit]

Appears in "The Priest and The Beast".[6] A bandit that has been terrorising a small desert town, killing all the men and having his way with the women. An obsolete format, he is seeking revenge because Spider slept with his wife. The Betamax Bandit consists primarily of unwound Betamax video tape. He sends out tendrils of tape to ensnare his victims, then winds them into himself. He is allergic to peanut butter. Played by Rich Fulcher.

Biggie Shackleton[edit]

Appears in "Tundra", an arctic explorer who found the Egg of Mantumbi before being frozen by Black Frost. His surname is derived from real-life polar explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Bingo caller[edit]

Appears in "Nanageddon".[2] The caller at the local bingo hall who uses unorthodox rhymes while calling, including that he was 43 when he lost his virginity. The bingo calling style is continued in the page numbering of The Mighty Book of Boosh. Played by Rich Fulcher.

The Blue King[edit]

Appears in "Fountain of Youth".[5] He is the diminutive leader of the native Xooberon tribe. His head extends upwards under his hat. He is balding, but wears a rather pathetic comb-over. He kills anyone who comes searching for the Fountain of Youth. Howard and Vince are spared as Vince has the amulet, making him the Chosen One. He possesses a lustful obsession for the Chosen One, going so far as to cut off his own hand, gift-wrapping it and giving it to Vince as a present. Howard, on the other hand, was made a slave after mocking his short stature. After Howard loses the amulet, He buries them to their necks in the desert sand. Played by Rich Fulcher on his knees.

The Blue McEnroes[edit]

Appear in "The Chokes".[7] A performance group blending the Blue Man Group with John McEnroe. Also mentioned in The Mighty Book of Boosh.

Black Frost[edit]

Appears in "Tundra".[8] An evil creature who inhabits the Arctic. Is presumably killed, or knocked unconscious by the polar bear befriended by Vince. Releases freezing blasts from his codpiece. Played by Dave Brown.

The Black Tubes[edit]

Appear in "The Chokes".[7] A band portrayed by The Horrors. Their singer was killed by Bollo and Naboo. Vince auditioned for the vacant position of lead singer, but the role eventually went to Sammy the Crab, due to their skinny legs policy. The Horrors include Faris Badwan, Rhys Webb, Joe Spurgeon, Joshua Hayward and Tom Cowan.


A futuristic pleasurebot. It is programmed to "poke and suck off anything in sight". Appears in Boosh Live. Played by Rich Fulcher


Appears in "The Strange tale Of The Crack Fox", Sitting next to the Crack Fox on the train, and saying, "We're On A Train".

Breakfast Bob[edit]

Appears in "The Nightmare of Milky Joe".[9] A man made of eggs and sausages who runs away when Vince suggests they should eat him as opposed to each other. Played by Noel Fielding.

Chris deBurgh[edit]

A parody of Chris deBurgh, appearing in the series two episode "The Priest and the Beast", and the series three episode "Party". He spent at least ten years searching for the new sound in the desert.[6] Played by Ray Fielding (Noel and Mike Fielding's father).



Appears in "Charlie". The protagonist of Vince's books, made of used bubblegum. He has a moustache and bowler hat. He is actually real (within the show) despite Howard's scorn and arrives at the zoo to take revenge on Dixon Bainbridge and Hamilton Cork. Also featured in The Mighty Book of Boosh. Played by Peter Kyriacou.


Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] Colin is the barman at the local pub owned by Jeff. Colin will only serve good honest fisherman's drinks (such as maggot cider) and food (such as maggot bhuna). He is also known to hand out pipes and beards to those he respects. Played by James Bachman.

Colin the Reaper[edit]

Appears in "Bollo".[3] He works as the receptionist in Limbo. His wife is dead, but apparently is alright. Played by Rich Fulcher.

Hamilton Cork[edit]

Appears in "Charlie".[11] A famous publisher who Vince tries to get to publish his Charlie stories. His head resembles a large conker. Played by Simon Farnaby.

The Crack Fox[edit]

Appears in "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox".[12] A fox who traveled to London from Cambridge in search of fortune, but has fallen on hard times. The fox was called Jerome, living in the woods, in Elderberry wood of England. He spent his days punting down the lazy rivers of Cambridge town, occasionally sitting under Mr. Willow the tree to eat a cucumber sandwich. One day he found a copy of Cheekbone Magazine and he read an article about London life. He read it over and over, and over, and over again, and over. Against his friends' wishes, the wilful little fox goes to the city and gets off his tiny face in a gay bar – fun, fun times for him. But the days of partying burned the fox out as he ends up on the streets homeless, begging for cheese in Dalston.

The Crack Fox takes up residence in the pile of bin bags behind the Nabootique. During the episode he tricks Vince into letting him inside, farts in Vince's face and then steals Naboo's shaman juice to enact his scheme to take over the world. After absorbing the magic juice through his syringe fingers in the light of the full moon, which makes the juice all activated, he becomes incredibly powerful (demonstrating telekinesis) before being stopped by a tramp that Vince had befriended – a tramp who had never been given anything prior to being given a wondrous cape. He was going to rape Vince and leave him in a bin, but subsequently decided he was née. The Crack Fox is later crushed to death in a garbage truck while pursuing Vince and Howard who took the shaman juice back during the struggle. It is also implied that the Crack Fox fancies Vince Noir. He also stated having two friends called Nicholas the Tennis Rat and Dante the racist Badger, who hates bloody whites. The Crack Fox is played by Julian Barratt.

Curly Jefferson[edit]

Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] A corpse stuck to the roof of Old Gregg's underwater cave. It is believed that Old Gregg killed him because Jefferson did not love him. Curly Jefferson is also the name of a conference room in Mason, OH.



A member of the board of shamans, appearing like a textbook green witch in appearance. Played by Barunka O'Shaughnessy.

Spider Dijon[edit]

Appears in "The Priest and the Beast".[6] A fellow Bongo Brother of Rudi van DiSarzio, Spider is a highly sexually charged drummer with a heavy Mexican accent, having trouble with English idioms. Spider had an affair with Rudi's wife during the 60s, an ongoing source of tension between them. He has come to the attention of Carlos Santana, who tries to recruit him. He defeats Betamax by rewinding him using his newly acquired door. He was named by Rudi after the love of mustard he demonstrated as a child,[13] and the fact that he has "eight of something". Played by Noel Fielding.

Lance Dior and Harold Boom[edit]

Appears in "The Power of the Crimp".[14] Almost complete copies of Howard and Vince, calling themselves The Flighty Zeus. They are somehow able to copy everything Howard and Vince do and somehow know how to play The Boosh's song "Future Sailors" after only hearing a few seconds of it. They are beaten by The Boosh in a crimp-off at the Velvet Onion. Despite this they continue to attempt to steal the Boosh's limelight, vandalising copies of their recent book.[13] Played by Tom Meeten and Simon Farnaby.


Appears in season 3 "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox".[15] A homeless man who assists Vince in finding Howard (whom he refers to as 'shrimp eyes'). Vince gives Donni a 'wondrous cape' which prompts him to admit that he had planned on raping Vince and leaving him in a bin but then gives his own life to save the lives of Howard and Vince. Drinks cans of extra-strong lager, which he refers to as "electric soup". Drinking them turns him into "The Electric Superman." He fights the Crack Fox at the end of the episode, in repayment for Vince giving him the aforementioned 'wondrous cape', giving Howard and Vince time to escape the sewer. Played by Steve Oram.[16]



Appears in "Nanageddon".[2] One of the goth girls that Howard and Vince attempt to impress. Played by Sue Denim.


Appears in "Eels".[17] An older woman who solicits sexual favours from Howard due to the graffiti outside the Nabootique. Howard eventually reluctantly sleeps with Eleanor so that he can earn enough money to pay off the Hitcher. She later arrives in the shop to stop the Hitcher from killing Howard. Has the habit of stretching out the final syllables of Hello and Goodbye (including in writing). Played by Rich Fulcher.

Evil Tree[edit]

Appears in "The Fountain of Youth", is a tree that is summoned by The Hitcher and told to "go about your wicked foul business", he then attempts to attack Howard, Vince, Naboo and Bollo, but is foiled by Sandstorm and sanded down into a table. Played by Rich Fulcher.

Extreme Sports Calendar[edit]

Subject of a "gather round everyone..." joke. Played by Dave Brown.


Bryan Ferry[edit]

Appears in "Hitcher".[18] Lives in the forest with a cast of Jungle Book-inspired animals, where he raised the young Vince ala Mowgli. Played by Julian Barratt.


Appears in "Jungle".[19] Subject of a "gather round everyone..." joke. Played by Dave Brown.

The Funk[edit]

Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg". Described as 'a funky ball of tits from outer space'. Howard steals it from Old Gregg and achieves The Funk. Played by Noel Fielding

Montgomery Flange[edit]

Appears in "The Chokes".[7] A legendary actor who coaches Howard in his secret woodland acting dojo. Dies at the end of Howard's tuition a heart attack. Played by Noel Fielding. This character is an homage to Peter Sellers' Warrington Minge from his interview with Parkinson in 1974.


Gary Numan[edit]

Numan appeared as himself in "The Power of the Crimp" in a closet that Howard opened to reveal him in order to comfort Vince.


Jurgen Haabermaaster[edit]

Appears in "The Chokes". A famous avant-garde director whose works include The Doctor and The Pencil. He is idolised by Howard. In the episode he plans to make an advert about "The angry crab of trapped wind." Initially looks to hire Sammy the Crab but eventually recruits Howard instead. Played by Julian Barratt. His name is a parody on German philosopher Jürgen Habermas.

Mr Hopkins[edit]

Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] He is the only man who has survived an encounter with Old Gregg. When asked about this, he replies by screaming loudly.


Jack Cooper[edit]

Is a Glaswegian fox at the Zooniverse and appears in "Bollo".[3] Is uncomfortable with Howard Moon, and there's a rumour it's because Howard "bummed him".


Mentioned but not seen in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] He owns the bar in the village, and drinks maggot cider and eats maggot bhunas. He only allows these to be sold in his bar.

Jimmy the Reach[edit]

Appears in "Killeroo".[1] One of the boxers at the gym. Has exceptionally long arms. He always gets his man. Played by Olly Ralfe.

Joey Moose[edit]

Appears in "Killeroo"[1] and "Mutants". An Australian zookeeper at the Zooniverse, whose death prompts Howard and Vince to investigate Bainbridge's experiments.[20] Played by Dave Brown.


Appears in "The Power of the Crimp" to eat the Moon's imposter.[14] He is mentioned on many other occasions. Unlike the Moon, Jupiter has no song.[10] Played by Rich Fulcher.


King of Xooberon[edit]

Appears in "Fountain of Youth".[21] The ruling King of Planet Xooberon, he summoned the warrior Banoo in 1978 to guard the Amulet of the Fountain of Youth from the evil forces of The Hitcher ("the evil cockney"). However, Banoo was slightly late as ever, and he ended up giving the Amulet to Naboo the Enigma by mistake. Years later once the Hitcher was defeated, the King intened to reward Naboo by inviting him to reign alongside him, eat lentils and listening to Folk (music) music, but Naboo declined.


Appears in "Killeroo".[1] A boxing kangaroo that Howard fights in order to gain the affections of Mrs. Gideon. Is defeated by Howard Moon after Vince Noir grabs the Killeroo's testicles.

Kodiak Jack[edit]

Appears in "Call of the Yeti".[4] A grizzled hunter who owns the cabin The Boosh stay in. Gives Howard a map to the Yeti's home in exchange for spending the night with Vince. When he attempts to give Vince a "Grizzly Adams bumming", Vince burns his nose with a straightening iron. Kodiak Jack is later set upon by the Yeti after rescuing the others. Played by Rich Fulcher.


Jacques LeCube[edit]

One of Vince's friends; appears in the episode "Party". He's French, and he's a cube. Played by Dave Brown


A frequently-mentioned but mostly unseen friend of Howard and Vince. Often mentioned by Vince to back up his arguments with Howard. Played acoustic guitar for Vince's glam-folk band. It has been said that Leroy works at the laser copy center, but it has also been said that he works at the ice rink and "sells slush puppies."

The Locksmith[edit]

Appears in "Jungle".[19] Appears when summoned mistakenly by Vince using a magic flute given to him by Rudi Van DiSarzio. Played by Martin Trenaman.


Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] Lucien is a weathered fisherman who now spends his time telling tales rather than fishing. He warns Vince about Old Gregg after Howard has gone out on Black Lake at full moon. Played by Julian Barratt.



Wife of Ramsey, artist that appears in “The Legend of Old Gregg”. She is covered in shells.

Simon McFarnaby[edit]

Appears in "Charlie". He is presented as a famous actor, known among fans as a maker of "devised pieces" and among critics for having a head that resembles a conker. He then plays the role of "Hamilton Cork" in the episode. Played by Simon Alexander Farnaby.


Appears in "Party".[22] The wife of Dennis and an extreme sports calendar model. She attempts to seduce Vince in order to make her husband jealous. Played by Dolly Wells.

Mickey the Fist[edit]

Appears in "Killeroo".[1] One of the boxers at the gym. His face appears to consist entirely of human fists.

Milky Joe[edit]

Appears in "The Nightmare of Milky Joe". He is the product of Howard's feverish imagination when cast away on a desert island. He is a good listener, but Howard ultimately tires of his boring lectures. Milky Joe composes a hit song called "Isolation" with his band, Milky Joe and the Coconuts.


Appears in "The Priest & The Beast".[6] Seems to take an interest in Rudi and tells him about Betamax. Monkey has visions, drinks her own urine and smells of peanuts. Because of this, she is spurned by the other women. She is described by Spider as 'the woollen bullet'. Played by Alice Lowe.


Appear in "Mutants".[20] A race of mutated animals created by Dixon Bainbridge's splicing experiments. Vince and Howard give them their freedom. They appear to be led by a mutant with a squid for a head, who considers himself the prettiest.



Appears in "Nanageddon".[2] A demon summoned by Howard and Vince to impress goth girls. An exceptionally dangerous creature, she has a five-star rating, kills people using a bus pass and knitting needles and is also capable of quickly creating knitting to bind her victims. Played by Margaret John.

Naan Bread[edit]

Subject of a "gather round everyone..." joke.[10] Played by Dave Brown


Appears in "Electro".[23] A performer in the band Kraftwork Orange, a band that Vince and Howard join. Also appears in The Mighty Book of Boosh. After leaving the band she co-founds Orange Work-Kraft.[13] Played by Dee Plume.

Pete Neon[edit]

Appears in "Eels".[17] Lead singer of the Neon Needles, a pop star that Vince is attempting to tag. Has legs similar to a flamingo and flies away when startled. Played by Anthony Rossomando of Dirty Pretty Things.


Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] He appears briefly after being mentioned by Lucien because he has never been fishing.

Neville Bamshoot[edit]

Is mentioned but not seen in "Eels".[17] Vince plays him in Howard's improvisational attempt to prove to Vince that his elbow patches are useful.



In the episode "Fountain of Youth", Peppo is the greatest artist ever produced by the Blue-skinned tribe of Xooberon. Peppo paints a portrait of Vince as "the chosen one". When Vince comments that he likes it but the fringe is a bit short, Peppo kills himself. Played by Tom Meeten.


A friend of Naboo's who works in Dixons, he is first seen in "Bollo" in Naboo's kiosk, he is not a shaman but he does accompany the shaman on a stag weekend in "Eels". He is played by Peter Kyriacou

Phil the Reaper[edit]

Appears in "Bollo".[3] A cockney grim reaper that comes to collect Bollo's soul, but takes Howard by mistake. Played by Noel Fielding.

The Piper Twins[edit]

Henchmen of The Hitcher.[18] Named Jim and Jackie Piper. In "Hitcher" they both appear. In "The Fountain of Youth", the Hitcher's second appearance, only one appears. And in "Eels", his final appearance, none of them appear. They also appear in the 2006 and 2009 stage shows with the Hitcher. Played by Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown.

Plan Pony[edit]

A picture of a horse Vince Noir draws in "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox"[12] that helps him find the "Crack Fox".

Precious Lilywhite[edit]

The second coconut girl to appear in "The Nightmare of Milky Joe". She is accidentally murdered by Howard Moon.



Appears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] An artist who befriends Howard and Vince. He rents them his boat so they can go fishing on Black Lake. Ramsay's art consists of sticking shells to things, including his wife Matilda. Played by Rich Fulcher.


Appear in "The Priest and The Beast"[6] as themselves using a metal detector trying to find the "new sound".

Red Blood Cells[edit]

Appear in "Journey to the Centre of the Punk".[24] Vince's red blood cells are attacked by the Spirit of Jazz. They are easily lured by promise of beauty products and other such things. Played by Noel Fielding.

Roger Daltrey[edit]

Appears at the end of "The Priest and The Beast"[6] as himself, vacuuming the ground in reference to an earlier joke about Woodstock.


The first coconut girl to appear in "The Nightmare of Milky Joe". She is Vince's "girlfriend" while on the island.


Sammy the Crab[edit]

An extremely violent and unstable actor.[7] He joins the Black Tubes at the end of "The Chokes". Sammy is the rival of Montgomery Flange.


Appears in "The Fountain of Youth".[5] Has cursed the Blue-Skinned tribe of Xooberon for hundreds of tens of years. Being made entirely from sandpaper, he is incapable of touching or loving anything without wearing it down. Vince gives him gloves so he can "love himself" without being harmed. In return he gives Vince a horn that can be used to summon him. He is summoned at the end of the episode to deal with Evil Tree. Played by Julian Barratt.

Lachlan Scott[edit]

One of Vince's friends; appears in the episode "Party". Appears regularly in background alongside Louisa Daish.


Appears in "The Nightmare of Milky Joe".[9] Serge is one of the coconuts that Howard and Vince imagine whilst stranded on the deserted island. He is the cameraman at Vince's Calypso Party and later, he films the death of Precious Lilywhite.


Appears in The Mighty Boosh Live: Future Sailors Tour. Sunflash is a he she, half man-half unicorn from the future. Comes from Camden. Speaks Chavese, a mix between Chinese and Chav. Played by Noel Fielding.

Mr Susan[edit]

Appears in "Bollo".[3] Guardian of the mirror world (a small room containing "over 17 mirrors") from which you must choose the correct mirror in order to escape. Upon choosing the wrong mirror, you are trapped forever (something which Vince sees as a positive because he can see his hair from all angles). His body consists of chamois cloths and two mirror balls. Cries "Look at them shine" while spraying cleaning fluid on his many mirrors. Played by Julian Barratt.


Tiny Robert[edit]

A "Voodoo shaman" who transferred the blood of Howlin Jimmy Jefferson onto the record "Voodoo Scat". Tiny Robert got ball cancer but spotted it early and had it removed. Tiny Robert was one of the only characters who taught us a valuable lesson, check your balls, twice a week.


Leads Spider to her town populated entirely by "women, desperate for the men".[6] Played by Lucy Montgomery.

Tommy Nookah[edit]

The Cheese-headed freak and former owner of the Zooniverse who appeared in Jungle. Played by Rich Fulcher.


Mentioned in "Electro" but unseen. Tony is Blind, and works at the zoo. Tony won first place in the porpoise race against Howard.

Johnny Two-Hats[edit]

Appears in "Electro".[23] He quits as a member of Kraftwork Orange after Vince joins and irritates him. He is first seen wearing two hats although he is next seen wearing 4 after a remark from Vince earlier in the episode. Played by Dan Clark.



Appears in "Electro".[23] A performer in the band Kraftwork Orange, a band that Vince and Howard join. After leaving the band she co-founds Orange Work-Kraft.[13] Played by Sue Denim.

Uncle Pedro[edit]

Appears in The Mighty Boosh Radio Series Episode 5 - "Tundra". Pedro is Howard's Spanish Uncle. He is a figure of legend in Spain as he once, according to Howard "built a zoo as big as a house" but he has trouble dealing with his fame and will revert to yelling curses if someone brings it up. For this reason he has become "the Shadow", a masked, caped bandit who is feared by the locals. As well as building the zoo,he once drank an entire litre of water in two days. He is also known by many other names, these include: "Captain Margeret the fantastic dealer of Wounds" and "Fire Boy - watch him go with his legs all over". When he meets Vince he somehow knows that Howard is having a bad time in the Arctic. He is voiced by Julian Barratt.


White Blood Cells[edit]

Appear in "Journey to the Centre of The Punk".[24] Vince's white blood cells attempt to stop Howard and Lester from reaching the brain, but are convinced by Howard that they are trying to help when Howard performs a crimp with them about "the time we had those pancakes". Despite all of them sharing Vince's likeness, one of them claims to be athlete Roger Black. Played by Noel Fielding.

Wilbur Fossil[edit]

Appeared once in the Radio series, in episode 6 ("The Hitcher"). Howard and Vince are tasked with delivering Tony the Prawn (a "psychological killer") to Wilbur Fossil's (Bob Fossil's brother, the only character who calls Bob "Robert") zoo for animal offenders. After Vince and Howard are "trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob" (The Hitcher), Bob Fossil saves them. The people who live in the box have been trapped there for centuries, living by "the book", which tells them not to open the only door, for the greatest evil lies on the other side. When Bob opens the door, a garden is on the other side, with Wilbur and "Mrs. Fossil" (Fossil's mother). Wilbur threatened Fossil that if he was late, he would tell their mother that Fossil was still alive, and that he didn't die in Vietnam as a war hero. The episode ends with Fossil shouting "It is the greatest evil! Everyone get back in the freakin' box!". Wilbur is constantly referred to as "anal" by Bob, especially over lateness.



Appear in "Call of the Yeti".[4] A tribe of rare creatures who live around Piney Ridge. While normally hibernating, they come out every 25 years to look for a man to breed with. They send their victims into a hippy trance with music and are afraid of malt loaf.


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