List of moths of Great Britain (Noctuidae)

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Large yellow underwing showing hindwings that give it its name

The family Noctuidae is the largest family of macro-moths in Great Britain, where over 400 species occur:

Subfamily Noctuinae[edit]

Square-spot dart
Heart and dart
Flame shoulder
True lover's knot
Double square spot
Great brocade
  • Agrotis puta puta — south & central
  • Agrotis puta insulaIsles of Scilly
  • Diarsia mendica mendica — throughout
  • Diarsia mendica orkneyensisOrkney
  • Diarsia mendica thuleiShetland
  • Xestia agathina agathina — throughout (localized)
  • Xestia agathina hebridicolaHebrides

Subfamily Hadeninae[edit]

Lead-coloured drab
Flame wainscot
  • Hadena perplexa perplexa, tawny shears — south & central
  • Hadena perplexa capsophila, pod lover — south-west, west-central, north-west & Isle of Man (localized)

Subfamily Cuculliinae[edit]

Toadflax brocade
Rannock sprawler
Early grey
Green-brindled crescent
Beautiful arches
  • Lithophane furcifera furciferaimmigrant
  • Lithophane furcifera suffusa — presumed extinct
  • Polymixis lichenea lichenea — south & central (localized)
  • Polymixis lichenea scilloneaIsles of Scilly

Subfamily Acronictinae[edit]

Scarce merveille du jour
  • Acronicta menyanthidis menyanthidis — north, west & east-central (localized)
  • Acronicta menyanthidis scotica — north (localized)

Subfamily Bryophilinae[edit]

Marbled beauty

Subfamily Amphipyrinae[edit]

Old lady
Angle shades
Dusky brocade
Marbled minor
Rosy rustic
Vine's rustic
Pale mottled willow
  • Apamea zeta assimilis, northern arches — north (Nationally Scarce A)
  • Apamea zeta marmorata, exileShetland
  • Chortodes morrisii morrisii, Morris's wainscot — south-west (Red Data Book)
  • Chortodes morrisii bondii, Bond's wainscot — south-east (Red Data Book; probably extinct)
  • Luperina nickerlii demuthi — south-east (Nationally Scarce A)
  • Luperina nickerlii leechi — south-west (Red Data Book)
  • Luperina nickerlii gueneei — west-central (Red Data Book)
  • Celaena leucostigma leucostigma — throughout (localized)
  • Celaena leucostigma scotica — north (localized)

Subfamily Stiriinae[edit]

Small yellow underwing

Subfamily Heliothinae[edit]

Bordered sallow
  • Heliothis maritima warneckei — south (Red Data Book)
  • Heliothis maritima bulgarica — rare immigrant

Subfamily Eustrotiinae[edit]

Marbled white spot

Subfamily Acontiinae[edit]

Subfamily Eariadinae[edit]

Subfamily Chloephorinae[edit]

Scarce silver-lines
Nut-tree tussock

Subfamily Pantheinae[edit]

Subfamily Plusiinae[edit]

Burnished brass
Silver Y
Spectacle (head-on)

Subfamily Catocalinae[edit]

Red underwing

Subfamily Ophiderinae[edit]

Straw dot

Subfamily Rivulinae[edit]

Subfamily Hypeninae[edit]


Subfamily Strepsimananiae[edit]

Pinion-streaked snout

Subfamily Herminiinae[edit]


Species listed in the 2007 UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)[1] are indicated by a double-dagger symbol (‡)—species so listed for research purposes only are also indicated with an asterisk (‡*).

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