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This article contains a list of named passenger trains in Pakistan.[1]

Train Name[2] Railroad Train Endpoints Operated
Akbar Express PR QuettaLahore Junction 1974 – present
Allama Iqbal Express PR Karachi CitySialkot Junction 1940 – present
Attock Passenger PR Mari IndusAttock City Junction 1988 – present
Awam Express PR Karachi CityPeshawar Cantonment 1925 – present
Babu Passenger PR Lahore JunctionWazirabad Junction 1978 – present
Badar Express PR Lahore JunctionFaisalabad 1988 – present
Badin Express PR Hyderabad JunctionBadin 1988 – present
Bahauddin Zakaria Express PR Karachi CityMultan Cantonment 1948 – present
Bahawalpur Express PR Samasata JunctionNarowal Junction Suspended
Bolan Mail PR Karachi CityQuetta 1948 – present
Buraq Express PR Karachi CityRawalpindi Suspended
Chaman Mixed PR QuettaChaman 1958 – present
Chenab Express PR Sargodha JunctionLala Musa Junction 1985 – present
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Express PR Lahore JunctionNarowal Junction 2014 – present
Fareed Express PR Karachi CityLahore Junction 1943 – present
Ghouri Express PR Lahore JunctionFaisalabad 1981 – present
Green Line Express PR Karachi CantonmentIslamabad 2015 – present
Hazara Express PR Karachi CityHavelian 2006 – present
Islamabad Express PR Lahore JunctionIslamabad 2004 – present
Jaffar Express PR RawalpindiQuetta 2003 – present
Jand Passenger PR Jand JunctionAttock City Junction 1998 – present
Karachi Express PR Karachi CityLahore Junction 1943 – present
Karakoram Express PR Karachi CityLahore Junction 2002 – present
Khushhal Khan Khattak Express PR Karachi CityPeshawar Cantonment 1962 – present
Khyber Mail PR Karachi CantonmentPeshawar Cantonment 1947 – present
Mashriq–Maghreb Express PWR Koh-e-TaftanChittagong 1950 – 1955
Margalla Express PR Lahore JunctionRawalpindi 2014 – present
Multan Express PR Multan CantonmentLahore Junction 2014 – present
Musa Pak Express PR Multan CantonmentLahore Junction 2014 – present
Lasani Express PR Lahore JunctionSialkot Junction 1999 – present
Mehr Express PR Multan CantonmentRawalpindi 2001 – present
Millat Express PR Karachi CityMalakwal Junction 2004 – present
Mixed Passenger PR Multan CantonmentLahore Junction
Night Coach Express PR Karachi CantonmentLahore Junction 2013 – present
Pakistan Business Express PR
Four Brothers Group
Karachi CantonmentLahore Junction 2012 – 2015
Pakistan Express PR Karachi CantonmentRawalpindi 2006 – present
Ravi Express PR
Rawal Express PR LahoreRawalpindi
Rawalpindi Passenger PR LahoreRawalpindi
Saman Sarkar Express PR
Sandal Express PR
Sargodha Express PR
Shalimar Express PR
Air Rail
Karachi CantonmentLahore Junction 1979 – present
Sialkot Express PR Sialkot JunctionRawalpindi Suspended
Subak Kharam Express PR Lahore JunctionRawalpindi
Subak Raftar Express PR Lahore JunctionIslamabad
Sukkur Express PR Karachi CityJacobabad Junction 1972 – present
Super Express PR Karachi CantonmentMalakwal Junction Suspended
Tezgam PR Karachi CantonmentRawalpindi 1953 – present
Tezrao PR Karachi CantonmentPeshawar Cantonment Suspended
Thar Express PR Karachi CantonmentZero Point 2007 – present
Waris Shah Fast PR Lahore JunctionShorkot Cantonment Junction 1990 – present
Zahedan Mixed Passenger PR QuettaZahedan 1998 – present

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