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This is a list of paid daily newspapers in the world by average circulation. Worldwide newspaper circulation figures are compiled by the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations and World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. This list shows the latest figures that are publicly available through either organisation.

Some figures are disputed; the numbers for Japanese newspapers have been subjected to claims of "oshigami" (exaggeration by over-supplying papers to businesses).[1] Free newspapers are not included in the list.

Top newspapers by circulation[edit]

This list below shows paid newspaper dailies by circulation worldwide. The data is compiled from WAN-IFRA's World Press Trends 2016 report.[2][3][note 1]

Newspaper Country Language Circulation (thousands)
Yomiuri Shimbun  Japan Japanese 9,101
Asahi Shimbun  Japan Japanese 6,622
USA Today  United States English 4,139
Dainik Bhaskar  India Hindi 3,818
Dainik Jagran  India Hindi 3,308
The Mainichi Newspapers  Japan Japanese 3,166
Cankao Xiaoxi  People's Republic of China Chinese 3,073
Amar Ujala  India Hindi 2,935
The Times of India  India English 2,836
The Nikkei  Japan Japanese 2,729
People's Daily  People's Republic of China Chinese 2,603
Chunichi Shimbun  Japan Japanese 2,452
Hindustan Dainik  India Hindi 2,410
Malayala Manorama  India Malayalam 2,343
The Wall Street Journal  United States English 2,379
Bild  Germany German 2,220
The New York Times  United States English 2,134
Guangzhou Daily  People's Republic of China Chinese 1,880
Nanfang Daily  People's Republic of China Chinese 1,853
Rajasthan Patrika  India Hindi 1,812

Historical data[edit]

Worldwide circulation figures for previous years can be seen from WAN-IFRA and IFABC here.

  • WAN-IFRA World Press Trends 2014 (Figures available for 2014)[4]
  • World Press Trends Database (Figures available from 2014-2010)[5]
  • IFABC National Newpapers Total Circulation 2013 (Figures available from 2012-2008)[6]

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  1. ^ Some figures are disputed; the numbers for Japanese newspapers have been subjected to claims of "oshigami" or exaggeration by over-supplying papers to businesses.


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