List of prisons in Henan

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This is a list of prisons within Henan province of the People's Republic of China.

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Gongyi Prison Gongxian Construction Materials Works Zhongmu County Formerly in Jiajinkou, Gongyi. Can hold up to 3,000 inmates
Huangchuan Prison Huanghu Farm Huangchuan County
Jiaonan Prison Xinhe Farm Jiefang District, Jiaozuo
Jiaozuo Prison Jiaozuo Bone Glue Factory Jiaozuo Laoniuhe, Shangbaizuo Holds about 1,000 prisoners, produces or used to produces glue of Twin Arrow brand
Kaifeng City Prison Kaifeng Hongda Books and Periodicals Printing and Binding Factory Kaifeng Chenfen
Luoyang Prison Luoyang
Mianchi Prison Mianchi Farm Mianchi County Includes Xinsheng Brickyard
Nanyang Prison Xindian Farm Nanyang, Henan
Neihuang Prison Neihuang County 1952 Yearly average of 2,700 inmates
Pingdingshan Prison Pingdingshan City Xinsheng Coal Mine; Flour Mine; Aquatics Breeding Factory Pingdingshan
Pingyuan Prison Xinxiang Fire Control Machinery Plant Xinxiang Large-scale prison
Provincial Juvenile Offender Detachment Jiaozuo
Provincial No. 1 Prison Carton Factory Kaifeng High-security prison, detained about 3,000 persons in March 2005, 60% serving death sentences with reprieve or life sentences
Provincial No. 2 Juvenile Offender Detachment Zhengzhou Miaoli
Provincial No. 3 Prison Hongxing Electromagnetic Plant, Labor Services Co. Woven Bamboo Products Plant, Qingnian Integrated Plant, Clothing Factory Yuzhou City 1951 Holds offenders serving 10 years and more
Provincial No. 4 Prison Luoyang Bearing and Forging Works, Luoyang City Changshun Bearings Ltd., Luoyang City Songtian Glass and Steel Assembly Luoyang
Provincial Women's Prison Xinxiang General Clothing Factory Xinxiang
Puyang Prison Puyang County Inmates serve short sentences
Sanmenxia Prison Heiyangshan Cement Plant Sanmenxia About 2,000 inmates
Shangcai Prison Taqiao Farm
Shangqiu Prison Shangqiu 1952 2,000 inmates (3,300 in 1994)
Xihua Prison Wu'er 5-2 Farm Xihua County 1962 Area of 46 km²
Xinxiang Prison Xinxiang City Zhongke Mining Equipment Ltd.; Xinxiang Ceramics Works; Xinxiang Internal Combustion Engine Works Xinxiang 1985 Yellow River diesel engines are exported to South Africa and South East Asia, inter alia
Xinyang Prison Wuyi Farm Luoshan County Xinyang
Xinzheng Prison Xinzheng Prison Clothing Processing Plant, Xingshan Stone Material Factory Xinzheng Is in Xingshan, at least partially in Louli
Xuchang Prison Xuchang Engineering Labor Reform Company Xuchang Yulin 1986 Held 2,000 inmates in about 2008
Yubei Prison Xinxiang Construction Materials Plant 1954 From opening until 2005, housed more than 100,000 inmates
Yudong Prison Zhenhua Glass Works Shangqiu More than 2,000 inmates
Yuxi Prison Luoyang 1980
Zhengyang Prison Wusan (5-3) Farm Zhengyang County 1953 Holds 50,000 inmates, Ruitu glossy paper is produced there
Zhengzhou Juvenile Offender Detachment Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou Prison Qiligang Cement Plant, Lianxiang Printing Factory Xinmi and Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou Women's Prison Zhongmu County Liuji Houses 3,000 inmates
Zhoukou Prison Chemical Coating Factory, Baolian Chemical Industry Ltd., Fushou Health Care Foods Factory, Cotton Processing Factory, Sulphiric Acid plant Xihua County, Zhoukou About 5,000 inmates
Zhumadian Prison Wusan Farm Zhumadian and Xinyang 1980 1,000 inmates