List of railway stations in Hamburg

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Station building of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
Entrance level to the metro at Hamburg-Harburg station

This is a list of stations used by long distance passenger trains, located in the German state and city of Hamburg. All stations are operated by DB Station&Service and serviced by trains of the Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway company.

Railway stations[edit]

There are several metro stations, operated by DB stations&service for the Hamburg S-Bahn and by the Hamburger Hochbahn for the Hamburg U-Bahn.
These stations are omitted here and listed in the list of Hamburg S-Bahn stations and list of Hamburg U-Bahn stations.

Station Opened Type[B] Category[A] Station code
Hamburg Hauptbahnhof 1906 Bf 1 2514
Hamburg Dammtor 1903 Hp 2 2513
Hamburg-Altona 1898 Bf 2 2517
Hamburg-Harburg 1897 Bf 2 2519


A. ^ German railway station categories assigned by the DB Station&Service, denoting the service level available at the station.
B. ^ Several codes are used to differentiate between various railway station types of Germany.

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