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Map of the 14 rivers of Ponce set against a sketch of the barrios of the municipality. The area in pink represents the urban zone of the city
Río Portugués next to Puentes de los Leones in Barrio Machuelo Abajo, looking north

This list of rivers of Ponce consists of the 14 rivers in the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Rivers that either originate in the municipality or that run the bulk of their course through said municipality are listed. Except for two rivers, Río Portugués and Río Jacaguas, all other rivers originate and terminate within the boundaries of the municipality of Ponce. This list does not include quebradas (English: brooks). Only streams recognized as "rivers" by the United States Geological Survey and the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources are included here.

All the rivers in the municipality of Ponce run into one of four river basins that then empty into the Caribbean Sea.[1] These four river basins are: Río Matilde, Río Bucaná, Río Inabón, and Río Jacaguas.

Río Pastillo and Río Canas merge to form Río Matilde. Río Blanco, Río Prieto, Río San Patricio, Río Bayagán, Río Cerrillos, Río Chiquito, and Río Portugués all run in one manner or other into Río Bucaná. Río Anon feeds into Río Inabón (Río Guayo also feeds into Río Inabón, but Río Guayo is not located in the municipality of Ponce). Río Jacaguas is actually shared between the municipalities of Ponce and Juana Díaz, as it forms the boundary between the two municipalities. Various rivers feed into Río Jacaguas, but none of them are located within the municipality of Ponce.

Two rivers, Río Bucaná and Río Portugués, are partially canalized. These canalization occur in parts of the urban area of the city of Ponce. Additionally, two rivers have been damed: Río Cerrillos was damed to create the Cerrillos Lake, and the daming of Río Portugués is expected to create the Portugués Lake[2] when the project is completed in 2013.[3] The daming of Río Cerrillos occurred north of the point where Río Bayagán feeds into Río Cerrillos but south of where Río San Patricio feeds into Río Cerrillos.

Río Cerrillos near the Lake Cerrillos Dam in Barrio Maragüez

River list summary table[edit]

No. Name Elevation
at Origin
at Mouth
Watershed Area
(sq mi)
(0= Not Applicable)
(cu ft/s)
(0= Not Available)
Approximate Mouth
distance from shore
1 Río Anón 3,854 1,060 4.0 0 0 12.0
2 Río Bayagán 141 42 9.0 0 0 4.0
3 Río Blanco 2,970 1,381 2.0 0 0 16.0
4 Río Bucaná 115 0 9.16 28.45 0 0
5 Río Canas 930 15 14.0 0 0 1.7
6 Río Cerrillos 1,200 69 29.8 17.80 24,000 5.0
7 Río Chiquito 1,170 98 9.5 0 0 3.0
8 Río Inabón 4,100 0 32.01 38.18 15,000 0
9 Río Jacaguas 2,099 0 39.72 59.85 37,000 0
10 Río Matilde 15 0 1.7 0 0 0
11 Río Pastillo 435 15 19.0 0 0 1.7
12 Río Portugués 2,853 3 29.66 20.33 16,000 2.0
13 Río Prieto 3,920 1,381 4.0 0 0 14.0
14 Río San Patricio 1,917 660 6.3 0 0 7.0

Listed alphabetically[edit]

Río Inabón along PR-511 in Barrio Real in Ponce

Listed from west to east[edit]

Río Pastillo near PR-501 at Km 4.6 in Barrio Marueño

Listed according to the latitude at the mouth of the river:

Listed from south to north[edit]

Río Bayagán next to PR-505 in Barrio Machuelo Arriba

This lists the rivers in order of their longitude or, roughly, where the river's mouth is relative to the Ponce shore:

0 km from shore (mouth at Caribbean Sea)[edit]

Up to 1 km from shore[edit]

Río Chiquito in Barrio Montes Llanos

Up to 2 km from shore[edit]

Up to 3 km from shore[edit]

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