List of schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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List of schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States:


Public K-12[edit]

Tulsa Public Schools is the largest school district in Oklahoma. Each of the public districts in the county has a single high school, except for Tulsa Public Schools, which has nine. The Tulsa district also includes several charter schools.

The largest Tulsa area public school districts (those over 2000 students, as of Fall 2005) are:

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Private K-12[edit]

There are multiple private elementary and middle schools in the Tulsa metropolitan area. Most are affiliated with a specific religion or place of worship. Among the largest are:

Other private schools in the Tulsa area include many schools operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa (sometimes with help from religious orders). Among them are:

High schools[edit]

Other schools and institutions[edit]