List of ship launches in 1911

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The list of ship launches in 1911 includes a chronological list of some ships launched in 1911.

Country Builder Location Ship Class / type Notes
14 January  United States New York Shipbuilding Camden, New Jersey Arkansas Wyoming-class battleship
1 February  United Kingdom Thames Iron Works Leamouth, London Thunderer Orion-class battleship
25 February  German Empire Blohm + Voss Hamburg Peking barque For F. Laeisz
22 March  German Empire Naval Dockyard Kiel Kaiser Kaiser-class battleship
28 March  German Empire Blohm + Voss Hamburg SMS Goeben Moltke-class battlecruiser For Imperial German Navy
29 April  United Kingdom Vickers Limited Barrow-in-Furness, England Princess Royal Lion-class battlecruiser
25 May  United States William Cramp and Sons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wyoming Wyoming-class battleship
31 May  United Kingdom Harland and Wolff Belfast, Northern Ireland Titanic Olympic-class ocean liner
10 June  German Empire AG Vulcan Stettin Stettin Friedrich der Grosse Kaiser-class battleship
24 June  Austria-Hungary Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino Trieste Viribus Unitis Tegetthoff-class battleship
1 July  United States Col James Schoonmaker Lake freighter
11 July  United Kingdom Fairfield Shipping and Engineering Govan, Scotland New Zealand Indefatigable-class battlecruiser
25 July  United Kingdom D & W Henderson Glasgow Duchess of Norfolk Paddle steamer For London, Brighton and South Coast Railway and London and South Western Railway (joint owners).
27 July  United Kingdom Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Wallsend, England Laconia Ocean liner
20 September  German Empire Blohm + Voss Hamburg Passat Flying P-Liner For F. Laeisz
7 October  United States Detroit Shipbuilding Company Wyandotte, Michigan City of Detroit III Paddle steamer
9 October  United Kingdom Portsmouth Dockyard Portsmouth, England King George V King George V-class battleship
25 October  United Kingdom John Brown and Company Clydebank, Scotland Australia Indefatigable-class battlecruiser
4 November  Denmark Burmeister & Wain Copenhagen, Denmark MS Selandia Cargo liner Diesel powered
7 November  United Kingdom Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd Greenock, Scotland Talthybius Cargo liner For Ocean Steamship Co Ltd
8 November  United Kingdom Bow, McLachlan and Company Paisley, Scotland Princess Sophia Coastal passenger steamship
9 November  United Kingdom William Beardmore and Company Dalmuir, Scotland Dublin Town-class cruiser
9 November  United Kingdom Chatham Dockyard Chatham, England Chatham Town-class cruiser
11 November  German Empire Howaldtswerke Kiel Kaiserin Kaiser-class battleship
18 November  United Kingdom Devonport Dockyard Devonport, England Centurion King George V-class battleship
23 December  German Empire AG Vulcan Stettin, Prussia V4 V1-class torpedo boat [1]


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