List of shopping malls in Sofia

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List of the malls that are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

List of the malls[edit]

List of the malls (under construction)[edit]

List of the malls (project)[edit]

  • Canyon Trade Center (project) (2016) (GLA 32,000 m2) (Canyon Trade Center)
  • Europe Center Mall and Tower Sofia (project) (TBA) (Europe Center)
  • Pearl Park Mall (project) (TBA) (Pearl Park Mall)
  • South Mall Sofia (project) (TBA) (South Mall)
  • Forum Sofia Mall (project) (TBA) (website TBA)
  • Mania Mall Sofia (project) (TBA) (website TBA)
  • Plaza Center Mall Sofia (project) (TBA) (website TBA)
  • Riofisa Mall Sofia (project) (TBA) (website TBA)

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