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This is a list of soccer video games based on/licensed by the J. League.

The first licensed game, J-League Fighting Soccer, was released for the Game Boy on December 27, 1992. Two months later J-League Champion Soccer was released for the Mega Drive. J-League Greatest Eleven was released for the PC Engine a day before the start of the inaugural season.

Since then, other titles were released for many other platforms. Popular franchises include: Pro Striker,[1] Excite Stage, Prime Goal, Victory Goal,[2][3] Perfect Striker, Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! and Winning Eleven.

In 2002, Konami released Captain Tsubasa: Eikou no Kiseki for the Game Boy Advance, the only game from the Captain Tsubasa series which is licensed by J. League.

These games are based exclusively on the J. League, however the titles released more recently also contain other leagues.

The recent Winning Eleven titles (2012, 2013) are fully licensed by the J. League.

With EA Sports acquiring the license for the league for FIFA 17, the J.League will make its first real appearance in a football game by Western developers.




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NEC PC-9801[edit]

  • J. League Hyper Soccer: Wave no Arashi[6] (06/25/93, published by C^2 World Ltd.)
  • J. League Professional Soccer 1993[7] (07/16/93, published by Victor Entertainment)
  • J. League Professional Soccer 1994[8] (07/22/94, published by Victor Entertainment)
  • J. League Professional Soccer 1995[9] (07/21/95, published by Victor Entertainment)

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