List of wars involving Fiji

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This is a list of wars involving Fiji or Colony of Fiji.

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results Casualties
First Fiji Expedition
(October 1855)
 Fiji  United States Defeat
Battle of Kaba
Rewa Province
Fiji: ? Tonga: 21 killed 20 wounded
Second Fiji Expedition
(6–16 October 1859)
Fijians  United States Defeat
14 killed

~36 wounded

115 huts destroyed
Bougainville Campaign
 United States
 New Zealand
Colony of Fiji
 Japan Victory

727 dead Australia:

516 dead
Guadalcanal Campaign
 United States
 United Kingdom
 • Solomon Islands[1]
 • Fiji[2]
 New Zealand
 Japan Victory
7,100 dead

7,789+ wounded 4 captured 29 ships lost

615 aircraft lost
Malayan Emergency
Commonwealth forces:
 United Kingdom

Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
Supported by:
 Thailand (Thai-Malaysian border)

Communist forces:
Malayan Communist Party

Supported by:
China China[4][5][6]
North Vietnam Viet Minh (until 1954)
 North Vietnam (from 1954)[7][8][9]
 Soviet Union[6][10]

Killed: 1,346 Malayan troops and police

519 British military personnel

Wounded: 2,406 Malayan and British troops/police
1987 Fijian coups d'état [11]
Royal Fiji Military Forces Fijian government Military Victory
Bougainville Civil War
Bougainville Interim Government (BIG)

Supported by:
 Solomon Islands
 Fiji (allegedly)

 Papua New Guinea
  • Buka Liberation Front
  • Bougainville Resistance Force

Supported by:

*Bougainville Peace Agreement
1,000–2,000 fighters killed


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