List of xanthoma variants associated with hyperlipoproteinemia subtypes

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When the cholesterol levels in the body rise above the normal level a number of skin lesions can occur. Xanthomas are one of types of skin lesions that may occur in this situation.

Xanthoma variants associated with hyperlipoproteinemia subtypes
Xanthoma variant Associated subtype(s)
Xanthoma striatum palmare III
Plane xanthoma II
Plane xanthoma specifically of the antecubital fossa and web spaces of the fingers IIb
Eruptive xanthoma I, IV, V
Tendinous xanthoma II
Xanthelasma II, III
Tuberous xanthoma II, III

Other systemic conditions may also occur with increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Systemic conditions associated with hyperlipoproteinemia subtypes
Systemic condition Associated subtype(s)
Lipemia retinalis I, V
Hepatosplenomegaly I, V
Pancreatitis I, V
Cerebral vascular accident II, III, IV
Coronary artery disease II, III, IV

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