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Liu Yudong (simplified Chinese: 刘玉栋; traditional Chinese: 劉玉棟; pinyin: Liú Yùdòng; nickname: "War God (战神)";[1] b. 1970 in Putian, Fujian), is a Chinese basketball player playing for the Fujian Xunxing club in the Chinese Basketball Association.[2] He held the CBA record for most career points scored (8387 points in 387 matches) until it was broken by Zhu Fangyu on 1/1/2012.

Liu spent his first eight CBA seasons with the Bayi Rockets (1995–2003), where he become the second best scorer in CBA history, with a league-best scoring average 25.9 points per game. After winning the CBA championship in all but one seasons-2002, to a Yao Ming-led Shanghai Sharks- Liu retired in 2003 because of knee injury. He came back the next season and was voted to the all-star game. Liu retired again in 2005 for the troubling knees and became an assistant coach for the Rockets. In 2007, Liu came out from a two-year retirement to lead the Fujian Xunxing.

Liu is a senior colonel in the People's Liberation Army. He was also the flag bearer of the Chinese sports delegation at the opening ceremony of the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics.[3]


  • CBA second team, 2000[4]
  • CBA All-star game MVP,2001.[5]
  • CBA's Outstanding Contribution.[6]


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