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LogMeIn, Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded Budapest, Hungary (2003)
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Key people
William (Bill) Wagner (President & CEO)
Edward Herdiech (CFO)
Sean Ford (CMO)
Matt Kaplan (CPO)
Larry D'Angelo (SVP Sales)
Sandor Palfy (CTO)
Michael Donahue (SVP General Counsel)
Rob Lawerence (SVP Corporate Strategy)
Timothy "TJ" EWING (VP Global Operations)
Products Cloud-based SaaS
Revenue ~$222 million (2014)[1]
Number of employees
804 (end of 2014)[2]
Website LogMeIn.com

LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQLOGM), founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a provider of software as a service and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement. [3]


The company's products are focused on four business areas, including Collaboration services, IT Management services, Customer support services, and Internet of Things services. The products include:

  • LogMeIn Pro – subscription-based remote access and administration software
  • LogMeIn Centralweb application focused on IT management for remotely managing PCs and servers running on Windows or Mac OS X operating systems
  • LogMeIn Rescue – remote support (help desk) web application used by large contact centers and help desks for diagnosing and troubleshooting computers, smartphones and tablets
  • LogMeIn Hamachi – network virtualization and VPN service
  • LogMeIn Backup – remote backup software
  • join.me – a freemium meeting and online collaboration software
  • RemotelyAnywhereremote access and administration software
  • Xively - Platform-as-a-Service for building and managing Internet of Things devices and related services
  • Cubby - a cloud file and sync and share service [4]
  • BoldChat - a premier live chat and click-to-call customer service solution used by thousands of retail, financial services, manufacturing, software, and telecommunications organizations
  • AppGuru
  • Meldium - Team password manager, Cloud Identify & Access Management
  • LastPass [5]


LogMeIn remote access products use a proprietary remote desktop protocol that is transmitted via SSL. An SSL certificate is created for each remote desktop and is used to cryptographically secure communications between the remote desktop and the accessing computer.[6]

Users access remote desktops using either the LogMeIn Ignition stand-alone application or a web portal. The web portal requires either an ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer, or an extension for Firefox (the LogMeIn plug-in for Firefox), or an extension for Safari (the LogMeIn plug-in for Safari), or a plugin for Google Chrome.[7] Failing that it falls back to requiring Java in order to run a Java program,[8] and failing that it falls back to "a screen-shot-based HTML remote control".[9] The web portal also provides status information for the remote computers and, optionally, remote computer management functions.

The service connects the remote desktop and the local computer using SSL over TCP or UDP and utilizing NAT traversal techniques to achieve peer-to-peer connectivity when available.[6][10][11]

Company history[edit]

The company was formerly known as 3am Labs, Inc. before March 2006. As of December 31, 2012, the Company serves over 213 million Internet-enabled devices, like smartphones and tablets. There are five data centers operating in the company, four in the United States and one in Europe.[3]

The company's CEO Michael Simon and CTO Márton Anka collaborated at Uproar, an Internet game site eventually bought by Vivendi Universal at the height of the dot-com bubble.[12][13] Anka's work for Uproar allegedly laid the foundation for his RemotelyAnywhere application, which later evolved into LogMeIn after 3am Labs incorporated.[12]

3am Labs acquired the Hamachi VPN product.[14]

LogMeIn, Inc. changed its name from 3am Labs in 2006.[15]

Tridia sued LogMeIn, Inc. for patent infringement in January 2008.[16][17]

LogMeIn, Inc. completed an IPO in 2009. Trading of LogMeIn, Inc. shares on the NASDAQ Global Market commenced on July 1, 2009.[18]

In 2011, the company began a move into cloud services for the Internet of Things by acquiring the Xively service.[19] In May 2014, it added to this initiative by acquiring Ionia Corp., which specializes in integrating connected objects.[20]

LogMeIn, Inc. acquires Bold Software, LLC in 2012.[21][22]

LogMeIn acquired Meldium for $15 Million in September of 2014. [23]

LogMeIn acquired LastPass for $110 Million in October of 2015. [24]

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